Saturday, November 14, 2015

Las Vegas, Part 7 = Blue Man Group @ Monte Carlo

Free tickets to anything are usually awesome, but free tickets in Las Vegas are definitely awesome.  Such was the case with our free tickets to Blue Man Group @ Monte Carlo.  Here are the pics from the show (and yes, non-flash photography is allowed to your heart's content).

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Las Vegas, Part 6 = Fremont Street Experience

The final Vegas stop on my busy Wednesday evening was the Fremont Street Experience, north of The Strip.  I've driven by it several times and never checked it out.  Time to fix that!

I approached from the west, where my taxi could easily drop me off.

Casinos were more old school than on the Strip.

Live music was one feature.

The casinos line the sides of Fremont Street, while the electric canopy projected images overhead.

No, I didn't enter the gentlemen's club.

Notice the zipline with rider.

I've always wanted to see this sign, and didn't realize it was located here.

I kept waiting for the light show to start.

There were several songs by The Who, including Pinball Wizard.

More ziplining.



Don't fear the reaper... (Blue Oyster Cult)

Um... ok, Kiss fans.

I've heard of this place = insanity.

I exited to the east, where the action continued.

Coming up soon = Blue Man Group.