Friday, August 12, 2016

Hood River, Oregon

Now that we live in Vancouver, WA, we're only a short drive away from many excellent destinations.  One such place is Hood River, OR, just past the Columbia River Gorge.  Last April when both of my in-laws were in town, we went for an excursion.  Here's the much belated post.

Like many destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Hood River runs on beer.  This is pFriem (with my mother-in-law waving in the background).

Christopher was along for the ride, and preparing to be naughty.

I ordered the Down Under IPA, which was fantastic.


A random stranger enjoys his pFriem beverage.

We had a bit of a wait for a table, so I went across the street to the park by the Columbia River.  These kids were also enjoying the park and its rock wall.

My brother-in-law had to wrangle Christopher, who didn't realize he wasn't supposed to go into the river fully clothed (to say nothing of a lack of swimming know-how).

The riverfront park was very nice, and overlooked the Columbia River as well as White Salmon, WA, on the other side.

The same rock wall seen earlier, from the opposite angle.

My brother-in-law is a good uncle.

Looking across to Washington state.

Chris was very upset that we wouldn't let him get any wetter (he wasn't supposed to go in at all, but that's like telling a moth to avoid the flame).

Chris has a penchant for the dramatic.

Fortunately, it was time to go in for our lunch reservation.

We made one more beer stop before heading back to Vancouver = Logsdon Farmhouse Ales barrel room.

I had been waiting for a long time to try their Peche 'n Brett sour beer, and it was worth the wait.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers, May 7, 2016 (Western Semi-Finals Game 3)

Before I moved up to southern Washington, I shipped my wife and kids up north.  Long story.  During one of my weekend trips to see them, I decided to treat my wife to a basketball game... which is kinda like Homer Simpson gifting his wife a bowling ball.  However, my wife likes the Warriors, so that went over a wee bit better than it did with Marge.  The Dubs were the visitors at the Moda Center, home to the Portland Trail Blazers, and they came into this third game of the series up 2-0.  Steph Curry was still injured, which made my wife sad since she wanted to see him play, but what can you do... here are 20 photos of the game and surrounding atmosphere.

My wife and I made it just in time for the start of the game (parking near the Moda Center is a nightmare).

This was a new one for me (and especially odd considering how many arenas / stadiums I've been to) = a tattoo parlor in the concourse.  And there were patrons!

We weren't the only Warriors fans in attendance.  I actually saw a number of Warriors fans on my Friday night flight from San Jose to PDX.

We didn't wear the LED wristbands, naturally.

Damian Lillard (Bay Area native) enters to applause.

Across the way, the Warriors make last minute preparations.

Game on!

Mason Plumlee goes to the basket for the Blazers.

About what I expected after the first 12 minutes... not too bad from a Dubs fan's perspective.

Steph Curry sighting!

And then... the 3's began to rain down for Portland.

UGH... not good going into halftime.

Shaun Livingston

Damian Lillard

The score deficit was actually getting worse

And it didn't help that Marreese Speights missed both free throws.

Ditto Andre Iguodala.

Alas... the Warriors lost by 12.  And it didn't even seem that close.

Of course, the Warriors would win the series in 5 (though that belies the danger that Portland presented every game)... meaning we saw the only loss.  

And of course, the Warriors would come back from an epic collapse against the OKC Thunder only to have an epic collapse against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sigh.  But as the San Francisco Giants organization pointed out, there's nothing wrong with winning every other year.  Go Dubs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Astoria, Oregon

The same day my family and I went to visit Cannon Beach, my wife and I decided to head back to Vancouver (actually Portland - more on that later) via Astoria.  Fortunately my parents watched the boys so we could make this extra excursion.  

Astoria, Oregon, is at the mouth of the Columbia River, on a tiny peninsula.  This extremely long bridge connects it to Washington state, across the river.

Seen while driving into town.
A view of Astoria, not far up a hill from the river.

Our destination: Fort George Brewery.

A view further up the hill.

Astoria was the first permanent U.S. settlement on the Pacific coast.

Of course, there was a fort there.
Reconstructed (?) fort juxtaposed with more modern Astoria buildings.
The Columbia River, with Washington state across.
View of Columbia from Fort George Brewery.

Menu inside Fort George Brewery.

I got an IPA.  It was tasty.

Lo and behold, in an astonishing coincidence, my brother-in-law and mother-in-law decided to take an excursion out from Portland and Vancouver (respectively).  I texted a photo of them like this one to them, which led to a funny reunion.

Up next - the Warriors @ Trail Blazers.