Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 6, Part 2 (final) = Omaha, The Loess Hills of Iowa, St. Joseph, and Kansas City

After the zoo, we had the rest of Omaha to briefly see, plus get to Missouri for the evening.  Here are the photos of the second half of Wednesday on our way to Bonnaroo (which began the following day, even though we wouldn't check in until Friday).

After visiting Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo in the blazing heat, we needed a cold one... so we headed to Nebraska Brewing Company, which was curiously located in an upscale strip mall just outside of Omaha.

I had heard good things about the Black Betty - it was only available to go, however, so I bought a bottle "blind" right before leaving.

I didn't know what to get, so I had... everything.

Rob stuck with Hopanomaly, which was delicious.

Time to see downtown Omaha after that.  We headed to the Old Market, which was right across from ConAgra Foods.

The Old Market of Omaha

Driving through there is a bit of a pain, however.

Rob is into vinyl, so we went to Homer's.


Curious sight in the Old Market

We heard a river ran through Omaha, so we went to look.

Skyscrapers of Omaha

Definitely a photogenic last stop in Omaha.

Helloooooo, Iowa!

The Missouri River (Iowa on the left, Nebraska on the right).

We didn't cross into Iowa "because it was there;" we actually needed the interstate south to Kansas City.

By virtue of entering Iowa for the first time, I had successfully visited every state in the lower 48 (plus Hawaii).  Alaska, damn you!

However, I'm a dork, in that I don't count it as having visited a state unless I set foot outside the car / airport / bus.  Hence my jog in this photo to something typically Iowan.

This is pretty much all I did in Iowa - pose for a photo.

(For context...)

Looking toward the Loess Hills in the distance, with storm clouds brewing overhead.

A closer view of a part of the Loess Hills, which are pretty in their own Iowan way.

Hello, Missouri.

To break up our drive, and because it tied into what I teach, we deviated a few miles off the interstate to visit St. Joseph, MO.  This is the Missouri River, with the state of Kansas on the right.

We arrived too late in the day for anything to be open, but I still wanted to see Jesse James' house and the Pony Express Museum's exterior.

Not what you might expect for an outlaw.  James was shot and killed here in St. Joseph.

Pony School...

The town thrives on its history with the Pony Express.

The exterior of the Pony Express Museum.

Outside the Pony Express Museum.

I said earlier that we didn't enter Iowa just because it was there... but we DID enter Kansas just because it was so close.


More Kansas! (poor marker...)

Yet more Kansas!

Goodbye Kansas (all 1/4 mile of you that we saw)!

Kansas City... each time I've been to Kansas City has been at night, for some reason, just passing through on a cross-country trip.

And each time I've visited Kansas City, I've gotten BBQ late at night.  We went to Gates and Sons because it was highly regarded AND open late (most BBQ spots close by 9pm, but Gates is open until midnight).

Rob's face says how tired we were.  His platter says how much food we consumed (it was outstanding, especially the ribs).

Final stop of the night = St. Louis.  We stayed next to Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals (blech...).

Coming up = our final day on the road, in which we see St. Louis and Paducah, KY before arriving in Tennessee.