Monday, March 17, 2014

Toronto, March 1, 2014

After visiting Niagara Falls, Bill, Christina and I drove up the QEW to Toronto.  We had two purposes in mind - the Hockey Hall of Fame and a dinner reservation at the CN Tower.  This was my third time in Toronto, while it was the first time Bill and Christina had ever left the United States.  

The view of the CN Tower from near our hotel.

The atrium of the mall that encloses the Hockey Hall of Fame (which is downstairs).

Bill and Christina outside the entrance to the Hall of Fame.

I've posted photos of these elsewhere, but the goaltenders' masks are a neat first introduction to the Hall.  Here's Brian Hayward's Sharks mask.

Three quintessential hockey masks, beginning with Ken Dryden's...

...and continuing with Terry Sawchuk's...

...and concluding with Pelle Lindbergh's.

Gordie Howe's display case.

This display case honors Wayne Gretzky's record-setting 802nd career goal, which surpassed Gordie Howe's 801st.

A little more info.

These three pucks were the ones that entered the nets in the first game at the San Jose Arena in 1993, a 2-1 victory for the visiting Calgary Flames.

The Montreal Canadiens' recreated locker room is pretty special.

What's interesting is that Patrick Roy's stuff is in its own area, separated from the rest of the Habs... how appropriate.

This is the jersey that Luc Robitaille wore in his last career game, a 4-0 victory in San Jose in 2006.  I vividly remember being at that game - we serenaded the future Hall of Famer.

Maurice Richard's 500th goal puck.

Sigh... "The Golden Goal" that Sidney Crosby scored against Ryan Miller in Vancouver in 2010.

Here's all the paraphernalia.

Bill and Christina with the Stanley Cup.  Notice they're not touching it.

Yours truly.  Notice I'm not touching it either.

Every little hockey player dreams of having his name engraved on the chalice.

Thank you for defeating Vancouver, Boston.

The most recent champions.

Boo... though a sick part of me rooted for them, I admit.

The first of Gretzky's Stanley Cups.

Joe Thornton's spot on the Art Ross Trophy.

The original Stanley Cup, in the vault.

The original Seattle champions, the Metropolitans.

Kenora, Ontario, is the smallest town to ever have a Stanley Cup champion, or any Big 4 champion for that matter.  Its current population is 15,000.

The original Ottawa Senators have their victories inscribed at the bottom.

1940 was the second most recent New York Rangers championship year.

The door to the vault.

The impressive ceiling above the Stanley Cup.


This was my third trip to the Hall, but first time playing the virtual video game (there was hardly a line, unlike the last times I was there).  Bill put me up to it.  I actually scored 2 goals to his 1, thus earning bragging rights for all eternity.

Goodbye, Hall of Fame...

Hello, CN Tower!

Elevator going up!

Time for dinner in the 360 Restaurant, just a wee bit above sea level.

The happy couple with their steaks.

Their salmon was awesome, but those PEI mussels were killer.

It wasn't a particularly good night, weather-wise, to go up the tower.  Visibility was poor, but the ambiance was definitely relaxing (though poor Bill had a minor headache from the rotation).

We shared this dessert - maple, done three ways.

Bill enjoyed this immensely.

Christina liked her cheesecake, though the sauce was a bit tart.

I enjoyed my creme brulee.

Time to check out the famous glass floor.

Looking down at the home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

People do the darndest things.

Everyone wanted to prove their bravery.

This was about as close as I'd get... I did step out briefly, but the memory of this guy and the realization that his death happened in Toronto was a little too much for me to digest.

Christina is more man than I am (or Bill for that matter, who stayed on the carpet).

This Lego CN Tower can be yours for the low low price of $1000 C.D.  Go Canada.

Coming up - a solo Sunday in Toronto, before the Raptors hosted the Warriors.  Stay tuned.