Friday, November 29, 2013

Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, CA

The day before my buddy Markos' wedding, my brother-in-law and I hung out in Southern California, stopping first in Escondido at Stone Brewing Co., before continuing on to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, an Angels baseball game, and finally The Bruery in Placentia.  Not a bad Saturday whatsoever.

My brother-in-law soldiers onward to Stone through the, uh, stones.

Idyllic walkway.

Welcome to Stone.

Why yes, there's a huge stone in the lobby.

The restaurant / taproom is less primitive, however.

We were immediately seated upstairs.

Last time I was here (in 2011), I was seated outside past those pillars in this photo.

Sleek menus featuring the brewing company's gargoyle mascot.

First beer = a brewery-only cask offering of Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale with Indian sarsaparilla & bitter orange peel.  Amazingly good.

A partial look at their beer menu.

Lunch wasn't bad either.

This was the "Call It What You Want" wheat ale, weighing in at nearly 10% ABV.

I think I ordered a third beer (which I normally wouldn't do) - the "Enjoy by [date]" IPA.  I know I had a sample of it, at least - this might just be the remnants of the wheat ale.  In unrelated news, alcohol negatively impacts one's memory.

Coming up = Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, in Oceanside.  Stay tuned.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena

This past summer, I was in L.A. for a wedding in Hollywood.  The reception and the rehearsal were in Pasadena, however, so two evenings before the wedding, after the rehearsal, I went down the block to revisit the Norton Simon Museum.  The museum was open late on Fridays, so I took advantage of the circumstances to check in on a museum that I hadn't seen in many years.  I focused on Western art only, as you'll see below.

Auguste Rodin's "The Burghers of Calais" (1884-95)

Auguste Rodin's "The Burghers of Calais" (1884-95)

Auguste Rodin's "The Burghers of Calais" (1884-95)

Paul Gauguin's "Tahitian Woman and Boy" (1899)

Vincent Van Gogh's "Head of a Peasant Woman in a White Bonnet" (1885)

Vincent Van Gogh's "The Mulberry Tree" (1889)

Detail of Vincent Van Gogh's "The Mulberry Tree" (1889)

Vincent Van Gogh's "Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier)" (1888)

Vincent Van Gogh's "Portrai of the Artist's Mother" (1888)

Vincent Van Gogh's "Still Life" (1884)

Paul Cezanne's "Tulips in a Vase" (1888-90)

Paul Cezanne's "Farmhouse and Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan" (1884-85)

Claude Monet's "The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil" (1881)

Edgar Degas' "The Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen" (1878-81)

Edgar Degas' "Women Ironing" (1884)

Edgar Degas' "Women Ironing" (1884)

Edgar Degas' "Dancers in the Rotunda at the Paris Opera" (1875-78)

Edgar Degas' "Actress in her Dressing Room" (1879)

Camille Pissarro's "The Poultry Market a Pontoise" (1882)

Georges-Pierre Seurat's "The Stone Breakers, Le Raincy" (1882)

Vincent Van Gogh's "Winter (The Vicarage Garden Under Snow)" (1885)

Edgar Degas' "Grande Arabesque, Second Time" (1882-90) with Pierre-Cecile Puvisde Chavannes' "The Pastoral Life of St. Genevieve" (1879) in background

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Young Woman in Black" (1875-77)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "The Streetwalker" (1892-94)

Edgar Degas' "Madame Dietz-Adele Monnin" (1879)

Edgar Degas' "Dancers in Pink" (1866)

Edgar Degas' "The Star: Dancer on Pointe" (1878-80)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "Red-Headed Woman in the Garden of Monsieur Foret" (1887)

Edgar Degas' "Woman Drying Her Hair" (1900-08)

Edgar Degas' "Dancers in the Wings" (1876-78)

Edgar Degas' "Waiting" (1879-82)

Jean-Frederic Bazille's "Woman in a Moorish Costume" (1869)

Berthe Morisot's "In a Villa at the Seaside" (1874)

Camille Pissarro's "Landscape with Flock of Sheep" (1889)

Gustave Courbet's "Cliff at Etretat, The Porte d'Aval" (1869)

Paul Cezanne's "Uncle Dominique" (1865-67)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Nude" (1872)

Louis-Eugene Boudin's "Beach at Trouville" (1873)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Reclining Nude" (1892)

Paul Seruier's "Still Life with Apples and Violets" (1890-91)

Georges Lacombe's "Autumn: The Chestnut Gatherers" (1894)

Emile Bernard's "Brittany Landscape" (1888-89)

Gustave Courbet's "Peasant Girl with a Scarf" (1849)

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot's "The Cicada" (1865-75)

Edouard Manet's "The Ragpicker" (1865-70)

Juan Gris' "Still Life with a Poem" (1915)

Lyonel Feininger's "Near the Palace" (1914-15)

Liubov Popova's "The Traveler" (1915)

Amedeo Modigliani's "Portrait of the Artist's Wife, Jeanne Hebuterne" (1918)

Henri Matisse's "Nude on a Sofa" (1923)

Pablo Picasso's "Woman with Mandolin" (1925)

Pierre Bonnard's "Portrait of Leila Claude Anet" (1930)

Henri Matisse's "The Black Shawl (Lorette VII)" (1918)

Henri Matisse's "Odalisque with Tambourine (Harmony in Blue)" (1926)

Aristide Maillol's "Three Nymphes" (1930-37)

Matthias Stom's "Christ Crowned with Thorns" (1633-39)

Peter Paul Rubens' "Portrait of an Elderly Man (Sebastian Munster)" (1616)

Karel Dujardin's "Denial of Peter" (1663)

Peter Paul Rubens' "The Holy Women at the Sepulchre" (1611-14)

Peter Paul Rubens' "David Slaying Goliath" (1616)

El Greco's "Portrait of an Old Man with Fur (Manusso Greco?)" (c. 1590-1600)

Francisco de Zurbaran's "Birth of the Virgin" (c. 1627)

Francisco de Zurbaran's "St. Francis in Prayer" (1638-1639)

Guido Reni's "St. Cecilia" (1606)

Bacioccio's "St. Joseph and the Infant Christ" (c. 1670-1685)

Bartolome Esteban Murillo's "St. Thomas of Villanueva Giving Alms to the Poor" (1678)

Francisco de Zurbaran's "Portrait of Fray Diego Deza" (1630)

Giovanni Bellini's "Portrait of Joerg Fugger" (1474)

Lucas Cranach the Elder's "Adam and Eve" (1530)

Lucas Cranach the Elder's "Adam and Eve" (1530)

Lucas Cranach the Elder's "Adam and Eve" (1530)

Georg Pencz's "A Sleeping Woman (Vanitas)" (1544)

Jan Massys' "Susanna and the Elders" (1564)

Dieric Bouts' "The Resurrection" (1455)

Gerard David's "Coronation of the Virgin, Maria in Sole" (1520)

Filippino Lippi's "Saints Benedict and Apollonia" (1483) and "Saints Paul and Frediano" (1483)

"Saints Paul and Frediano" (1483)

"Saints Benedict and Apollonia" (1483)

Raphael's "Madonna and Child with Book" (1502-03)

Jacopo Bassano's "The Flight into Egypt" (1544-1545)

Palma Vecchio's "Venus and Cupid in a Landscape" (1515)

Botticelli's "Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel" (1468)

Francesco Bissolo's "The Annunciation" (c. 16th century)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Guariento di Arpo's "Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece" (1344)

Neroccio de' Landi's "Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Catherine of Alexandria" (1480-85)

Hendrick van Steenwijck the Younger's "The Liberation of St. Peter" (1618)

Jan Van Goyen's "River Landscape with a Village Church" (1642)

Aelbert Cuyp's "Evening in the Meadows" (mid-1650s)

Rembrandt Van Rijn's "Portrait of a Boy" (1655-60)

Nicolaes Maes' "Interior with a Dordrecht Family" (1656)

Frans Hals' "Portrait of a Young Man" (1650-55)

Rembrandt Van Rijn's "Portrait of a Bearded Man in a Wide-Brimmed Hat" (1633)

Rembrandt Van Rijn's "Self-Portrait" (1636-38)

Jean-Honore Fragonard's "Music" (1760-65)

Hubert Robert's "The Cloister of the Augustinian Nuns" (c. 18th century)

Jean-Honore Fragonard's "The Happy Lovers (or The Bird Cage)" (c. 1760-65)

Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun's "Theresa, Countess Kinsky" (1793)

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes' "Dona Francisca Vicenta Chollet y Caballero" (1806)

Horace Vernet's "A Soldier on the Field of Battle" (1818)

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes' "Martin Miguel de Goicoechea" (1805)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres' "Baron Joseph-Pierre Vialetes de Mortarieu" (1805-06)

Canaletto's "The Piazzetta, Venice, Looking North" (1730s)

I didn't have time to make it into the non-Western art sections of the museum, though I know from past experience how awesome they are.