Saturday, June 29, 2013


Howdy folks, it's Baby Day 2013!  The baby is on his way, precisely on his due date - here are the updates as they come in (listed chronologically from bottom to top).  

Goodnight folks - thanks for following the excitement!

11:49pm = Mom is recovering well from surgery.

10:58pm = Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome Christopher Lawrence Keirstead to the world!  Weight = 6 lbs. 10 oz., length = 19 1/4 inches.

Apx. 10:45pm = Dressed for success.

10:31pm = DECISION MADE FOR A C-SECTION.  Suz agreed readily; Daddy's not so sure.

10:27pm = "Pushing is coming up on 2 hours." - Doc

10:26pm = Pushing has been going on for a few minutes in a squat position (Suz is on her knees).

10:09pm = "Sunny side up" is not just for eggs.

10:03pm = My parents have arrived.  Dad has to wait outside (number quotas), but Mom is in.

9:53pm = Still a break from pushing.  Suz is more upright right now.

9:29pm = Fifteen minute break.  His head is a bit sideways, meaning progress is stymied.  Should still be fine, however.  I'm shaking way too much for a grown man.


9:03pm = Been pushing for 20 minutes.  Dustin was so light-headed he had to excuse himself and use the restroom.  Dustin has to go now!

8:43pm = "Your cervix is completely dilated, and the head has dropped.  I think it's time to start pushing."  HOLY CRAP.

8:42pm = Amnioinfusion time.  Including Suz, Pam, and Dustin, there are 6 people in the room.  Correction = now 7.

8:35pm = "The waiting is the hardest part." - Tom Petty

8:24pm = The word "vacuum" is introduced in the context of birth.  This is news to Dustin.

8:16pm = "Sounds like the car door was left open." - doctor commenting on baby's heartbeat

8:02pm = Visit from Suzanne's substitute doctor (main doctor is in Argentina on vacation).

7:55pm = Cheeseburgers for Dustin and Pam.  They are revived.  Suz has absolutely zero appetite.

7:49pm = Heart rate is back up.  Suz is getting supplemental oxygen.

7:40pm = There will be blood.... Trying to get a better reading on the baby's heart rate.  It dropped a bit, but no cause for serious concern.

7:23pm = It occurs to Suzanne and Dustin that their friends Micah and Nicci are now married.  Congratulations, guys!

7:15pm = Dilated between 7-8cm.  Nurse Lindsay is encouraging.

7:04pm = Suz is smiling again, even though contractions are still happening.

6:57pm = Suzanne reports that her pain has dropped from a 10 to a 6.  Dustin is relieved.  Pam still hasn't reentered the room since the doctors are still present.

6:50pm = Epidural is done.  Dustin is terrified at what he witnessed.  Suzanne is still experiencing pain; hopefully it subsides somewhat.

6:42pm = Epidural is about to start.  Pam had to leave the room during the operation.  Dustin is ordered to stay seated.

6:36pm = Epidural is in the near future.  Suz's pain scale is at 10.

6:35pm = Dustin and Pam (Suz's mom) ordered food.  Suz still undergoing painful contractions, and requested to not get any food.

6:25pm = Discussing natural vs. epidural.

6:14pm = A contraction starts while Suz is standing.

6:13pm = Suz remains standing after visiting the bathroom.

6:09pm = "I don't know if I can keep doing this natural[ly].  I might need an epidural." - Suzanne

6:08pm = Another awful contraction, where all Suz can say is "OWW" repeatedly.

5:57pm = Time for blood work.

5:56pm = Suzanne gets through a grueling two-minute contraction.  Dustin is quite happy to not have a cervix or vagina.

5:42pm = Forms to sign.

5:40pm = REALLY bad contraction.

5:39pm = Suzanne's mom turns on the TV.

5:25pm = Dustin realizes that Suzanne is a pretty tough lady.

5:19pm = Nurse says the contractions are perfectly spaced apart.

5:05pm = Suzanne gets spoon fed ice cubes by her mother.

4:55pm = Severe contraction; Suzanne begins breathing heavily.  She doesn't lament not taking Lamaze classes, however.

4:46pm = Suzanne gets an IV.

4:40pm = New nurse comes in.  Nice lady.  Suzanne is dilated 4cm.

4:35pm = Baby's heart rate goes nearly to 150 during a contraction. [Update - see below]

4:30pm = Heart rate is 130.  [Update - Dustin probably isn't reading this correctly]

4:28pm = Suzanne begins squirming uncomfortably.  The baby's heartbeat is still galloping.

4:22pm = Suzanne is informed that the baby could share a birthday with Gary Busey ("Who is he?") and Richard Lewis ("Is he a musician?" - she's thinking of Jerry Lee Lewis).

4:18pm = "I'd be up for playing a board game right now." - Suzanne

4:11pm = Suzanne is made aware of the Baby Day Live Blog.  She approves, with certain caveats.

3:55pm = Suzanne rates her pain as a "7" on a 1-10 scale.

 3:35pm = Suzanne gets quizzed from the nurse.  The baby's heartbeat is audible in the background.  Contractions are occasional.

3:15pm = Suzanne gets checked into the room.  It's well air-conditioned on the hottest day of the year.

3:10pm = Suzanne, her mom and Dustin arrive at the hospital.  Everyone is awesome and the process is quick and painless.

2:50pm = Suzanne and her mother arrive home from Dustin's parents.  Judging by Suzanne's sopping clothing, the water really does "break."  

1:30pm = Dustin begins packing last minute supplies like crazy.

1:29pm = Just as he and Nathan are about to get serious about the beer, Dustin gets the phone call that the water has broken, upstairs at his parents' house.  

1:10pm = After going to get lunch and buy last-minute beer supplies, Dustin and Nathan begin readying to brew the beer.  

11:30am = Suzanne and her mother leave to go visit Dustin's parents and run errands.  No indication that anything is extremely imminent.  Nathan comes over to help Dustin brew beer, which they've dubbed "Beat the Baby IPA," as in "let's get this beer started before the baby hits."


Dan Boyle vs. Corey Perry, March 27, 2013 (Hockey Fight Flip Book)

I was going back through photos from earlier this year, and I stumbled upon a sequence of photos that was mildly entertaining: the fight between Dan Boyle and Corey Perry on March 27, 2013.  The San Jose Sharks beat the Anaheim Ducks 4-0, and this fight occurred shortly after the fourth goal.  I saw it coming before it happened, so I readied my camera.  

Think of this as a hockey fight flip book, in blog form.  The second half of the photos isn't nearly as good, but I've included it for continuity's sake.  The key moments (read = key Dan Boyle grimaces) are blown up extra large.

Hockey's been done for just a few days (if, um, we're not talking about the Sharks), and I already miss it.  Good thing I've got a baby on the way to distract me!  :-)