Friday, May 31, 2013

Bogota, Colombia (Day 3)

On Day 3 in Bogota, Chang's buddy Rodrigo showed me around Bogota, in his capacity as a trained architect and photographer.  Here are the pics.

We took a different route through La Candelaria than the main one I had been taking.

This took me by yet another green man (also seen in the photo above this one).

The streets were a bit wider n this part of La Candelaria.

But the colonial architecture was still there.

This is the backside of Templo la Candelaria.

Templo la Candelaria

Rodrigo wanted to show me the interior of the main library of Bogota.  Interesting ceiling.  I had to be quick with the photographer, since it was emphatically not allowed.

The main artery that I took to get to Plaza de Bolivar (behind me).

Because the museums in Bogota are largely free, we went into Casa de Moneda (next to the Museo Botero).

Nice interior courtyard.

Yours truly (still a bit sleepy - I didn't sleep well at all in Bogota, possibly due to the altitude).

Something as mundane as a staircase was well presented in Casa de Moneda.

I wish I had more information on this, but I unwittingly took a photo before Rodrigo urged me to put my camera away.  This was one of two or three amazing colonial pieces of religious art, and easily the least impressive of them all (the best one had 1485 emeralds alone).  

This was the Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez (dedicated to the famed Colombian author).

The rooftop allowed amazing views to the mountains behind town (aka the Andes).

Cerro Monserrate, seen from the Centro Cultural rooftop.

The bookstore in the Centro Cultural had a small section of books in English.

Time to head down to Plaza de Bolivar, partially to see if the Primary Cathedral (seen here) was finally open.

Before we got there, we had to stop and try obleas.  Don't miss them if you visit Bogota.

Wafers smeared with dulce de leche and other delicious ingredients.  Highly recommended.

Finally!  The Primary Cathedral was open.

As expected, the interior was spacious.

Rodrigo admires the altar.

Plaza de Bolivar

The pigeons were on the rampage that day.

Southwest of the Plaza de Bolivar was the Museo Iglesia Santa Clara.

This is the only church you have to pay to enter in Bogota, but it's worth it.

The interior features the standard altar...

...but also a barrel vault covered in floral motifs made of gold.

Numerous paintings also line the walls.

I took a lot of pictures inside (I know, big shocker); I'll let them do the talking.

Colegio Mayor

Colegio Mayor

After Plaza de Bolivar, we headed via taxi to a different part of town.  I took this picture because it may be the biggest "public toilet" sign I've ever seen.

"Ro" and I went to get pizza near the bullring, northeast of La Candelaria.

The pizza was darn good, too.

This red-brick architecture is ubiquitous across Bogota, and is the work of Rogelio Salmona.

This one killed me = New Order was playing in Bogota the same day that I had to fly home to the States.

The Killers were also on the bill.  

Plaza de Toros de Santamaria (the bullring)

Admiring Salmona's architecture.

It's certainly interesting. 

The Colpatria Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the city, seen from Parque de la Independencia.

An older building inside the park.

Colpatria Tower

We went into the lobby of the Colpatria Tower, but the observation deck wasn't open due to construction.

Ro in the park.

Beautiful sunset and modern architecture, near the Colpatria Tower.

Iglesia de San Diego, near the Colpatria Tower

Iglesia de San Diego

Iglesia de San Diego

Iglesia de San Diego

Back at Chang's = Chang's mom, Chang himself, and Ro.

We went out that night to Zona Rosa, also known as "Zona T" because of the T-shaped pedestrian zone.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs in Zona Rosa.  We had miniature sandwiches at Cien Montaditos, a Spanish chain that has locations around the globe (including in Miami, FL).

This normal looking mug of beer was actually mixed with soda.  Something of an acquired taste, but a local beverage indeed.

Good times with Chang.

Day 4 coming up next.