Thursday, December 23, 2010

What my students believe about Santa

A few days ago I had a writing assignment for my third grade class = "What do you believe about Santa Claus?" Here are some excerpts (edited by yours truly):

  • "I believe Santa Claus is real... I think he works for Christmas. I think he has help from God. I think he helps spread Christmas spirit." [by the way, no misspellings!]

  • "I believe in Santa because on Christmas Eve night, my sister ALWAYS hears the reindeer's foot steps on the roof. And we always put out carrots for the reindeer and the bowl is always half eaten."

  • "I believe that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole because no one can see him [there] and no one barely lives there..."

  • "I believe in Santa because he left footprints on my rug and he eats my cookies. Once he left a mark on my wall."

  • "I believe in Santa because I think if I do not believe he will give coal... I think when you believe you get more toys."

  • "I believe he is real because my brother and I spy on my parents and listen for Santa, and I've also seen him."

  • "I kinda believe in Santa Claus. I think he is real because how do the cookies disappear?"

  • "Some people don't believe it but it doesn't stop me from believing it."

  • "I believe in Santa because a few years ago I heard footsteps on my roof. I got up in the middle of the night and saw someone in the living room. I've gotten exactly what I said I wanted on year in a gift signed, "Santa." You can say there's no such thing as Santa but as for me I believe. My parents would never stuff candy in my stocking even if I begged them all year long."


  • "I don't believe in Santa Claus because I set up video cameras in the tree and in the chimney. I don't believe in Santa Clause because when I woke up there was nothing in the camera... I also saw my parents in the camera... I am putting the cameras up again this year so I can see again."

  • "It is impossible to fly on a sled in one night. Sleds can't fly. How can Santa live that long? Where would he get the materials to make toys?"

  • "I don't believe in Santa Claus because I think my mom brings me the presents. But there's one problem. My mom or dad wouldn't get up in the middle of the night."

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tame Impala @ The Independent, SF [set list and photo(s)]

Australian neo-psychedelic rock band Tame Impala played their first show ever in San Francisco last night, to a sold-out audience at The Independent. I had seen posters of the band when I was in Australia, and upon returning stateside I promptly checked out their music and bought tickets (well in advance) for this show. The band's set consisted primarily of songs from their album Innerspeaker, as well as a couple from their eponymous EP (and a few I'm not familiar with). For a good idea of what they sound like, watch this video.

Any band whose lead singer wears a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt has to be awesome... and they were.

There wasn't an encore in the traditional sense; instead it was one solid set, a little over an hour long (note the time listed!).

Stardeath and White Dwarfs (that's a duo, not two openers) opened the show; I got there a bit late, and only caught their last song. Wished I could have seen more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cooperstown Photos, Part 2 (Hall of Fame plaques)

I took way too many pictures in the actual Hall of Fame (and even more in the museum component); here's a large chunk of the photos, which I won't comment on for the most part. Instead, take some time to read the plaques, as they're often poignant.
Looking into the Hall of Fame itself.

Every year my students read a short passage about Hank Greenberg (it ties into diversity - he was Jewish - and standing up for what you believe in)

Get well soon, Bob... I pray it's possible.

What's notable about these two statues of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams is that they're each made out of a solid piece of wood. No cloth or anything... wood and paint.

Can you name all 5 members of the inaugural Hall of Fame class?


#2 (ok, he wore #3)




Today he is the greatest of all time... :-P

It's worth pointing out that he wanted to go in as a Yankee...

And given what The Boss put him through, it's totally understandable that he went in as a Padre...


This place must be so Foo Kin good ;-) (just a block from the Hall, too)

Cooperstown's Main Street

Cooperstown's Main Street (the Hall is on the right)