Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Nostalgia = Helsinki, 2009

Tuomiokirkko (Lutheran Cathedral) rising above the Market Square (Kauppatori).

Seagulls just love the Market Square. One even ate my ice cream scoop out of the cone!

The Vesikko submarine, anchored at the island fortress of Suomenlinna. I had never been in a submarine before.

Some of the walls surrounding Suomenlinna, once the Baltic's greatest fortress

I can't recall this fella's name, but he was from Columbus, OH, and was a huge Blue Jackets fan.

Is it any wonder we hit it off, given what I was wearing?

We decided to walk along the outside of the fortress walls, which was more difficult than it appears.

So much for customs' days of yore.

This was the sort of place to bring out your inner kid. So we climbed in and out of areas we shouldn't have been in.


Back in town, the Lutheran Cathedral

"Are you the gatekeeper? I am the keymaster..."

The Church in the Rock

Interior of the Church in the Rock

The National Museum of Finland

Traditional dress

St. Barbara

Russian Orthodox icon

National Library?

Walking down the street, avoiding the tram lines.

Uspenski Cathedral, probably the most famous Orthodox church in the Baltics.

Market Square strawberries.

My two days in Helsinki ends even quicker than one would expect = time for a ferry across the Gulf of Finland, to Tallinn, Estonia.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oregon, Days 3 - 4

Morning Glory, in Ashland, OR = simply the best breakfast ever

There was an hour wait for a table in the very small restaurant, but it was worth it

It's worth clicking the picture to read the menu

My chipotle bloody Mary (very spicy, very good)

Nathan ordered shrimp cakes with some other goodies

I had the tri-tip omelet, which included a free side of pancakes with marionberry (?) jam. As the saying goes, stick a fork in me, I'm done

To walk off our caloric assault, we went through Lithia Park, one of the best parks in the country

Nathan in the Japanese garden area

I've been to Ashland many, many times, but I've never seen deer in Lithia Park

Nathan blazes a trail

Post-Lithia and pre-Oregon Shakespeare Festival, we stopped by the Standing Stone Brewery. Not as good as Klamath Basin, but still fun.

The cast of Hamlet inside the Angus Bowmer Theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Dan Donohue played Hamlet, and is in the red shirt at center (performance of the year for sure)

Yep, we kept on eating = dinner was at The Loft, right in town. Worth every penny.

Statue in town... apparently he's lost?

Nathan and I let our curiousity get the best of us by trying the famed water (which contains lithium, if I understand it correctly); it tasted like fizzy rust, and we spat it out immediately

Nathan awaits the free Green Show on the Festival lawn

A band of musicians played Spanish-language songs to highlight one of the non-Shakespearian plays that would be performed that night; one of the better Green Shows I've seen

Lobby of the Elizabethan Stage = they have plaques with every year's plays listed

The Elizabethan Stage

The cast of The Merchant of Venice; note Anthony Heald in black with white sleeves (on the left); he played Shylock (and in real life, is a convert to Judaism)

The morning of Day 4, our last day = how could we not go back to Morning Glory? This is my Alaska crab omelet

I think Nathan had a good time on this trip

Back in California once again, with Mount Shasta greeting us

The Beaver State knocked Nathan out ;-)