Sunday, November 30, 2008

(Yawn, stretch, sigh) Sharks win... again.

Here's the bare bones analysis of the latest Sharks victory... I pilfered it from Fear the Fin, where I've been moonlighting lately (if you've wondered why Blah Blah Blog has been quiet).

What follows is, um, satirical. Though I hate to reveal that from the get-go...

  • The Coyotes jump out to an early 2-0 lead, thanks to goals from Derek Morris and Kyle Turris. Phoenix fans at Arena high-five each other, remarking, "Hey, we've got an early 2-0 lead! As we all know from games involving the San Jose Sharks at Arena, that lead is insurmountable!"
  • Todd McLellan analyzes the situation, and says, "Hmm... a goal from a defenseman, and another from a center, in 3 minutes and 13 seconds worth of play? I bet we can do that in TWO minutes and 13 seconds!"
  • The Sharks boldly take up their commander's challenge, causing Ilya Bryzgalov to mutter Russian swear words when he gives up a goal to Sharks center Joe Pavelski and Sharks defenseman Rob Blake, in a 71 second span... or 2 minutes and 13 seconds from the Kyle Turris goal.
  • Marcel Goc, who assisted on Blake's goal, is besides himself - "A point? Me? Really? Yeehaw!! - Uwe Krupp won't be the only German with his name on the Cup, not this season, no siree!"
  • Desert Dogs coach Wayne Gretzky takes a moment to analyze the situation, and deduces that the Sharks goals came on their first two shots. "Well, I guess Ilya gets another night on the bench - you ok with that, Tellqvist? It's a good thing that Russians and Swedes have historically gotten along, because I don't want any controversy here!"
  • As the game degenerates into a dump-and-chase routine, Patrick Marleau is heard muttering, "This looks strangely familiar to something I saw last season..."
  • Coach Wayne Gretzky looks at the box score of the last Phoenix / San Jose matchup to try and figure out how to gather two points out of the evening, and cries when he realizes Olli Jokinen is out of the lineup.
  • Joe Pavelski decides that tonight is the perfect night to reach 10 goals and 20 points on a game-winner... so he does just that.

Sharks win... again. 41 points in 24 games (20-3-1). The End.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fear the Fin!

Just a reminder to all San Jose Sharks fans - check out Fear the Fin at for Sharks bloggers' shenanigans! Post-game wraps come courtesy of a certain Mr. K...

Gee, I wonder who that could be... GO SHARKS.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sharks GM Doug Wilson to talk with Commissioner Gary Bettman on SIRIUS XM Radio

Click HERE to find out more.

Minor Torrey Mitchell update - on the ice in 2 to 3 weeks

According to his own blog post, San Jose Sharks center Torrey Mitchell will be back on the ice in 2 to 3 weeks (for practice?). He hopes to be playing by Christmas.

If you'll recall, Mitchell broke the two bones in his lower leg on September 21. He was tripped during practice while going full speed, and slammed into the goal post.

My new gig over at Fear the Fin

To all who have followed my San Jose Sharks post-game wrap-ups religiously - thank you.

I have recently joined forces with Mr. Plank and crew over at Fear the Fin, under the moniker "Mr. K."

You can read my post regarding tonight's unbelievable overtime loss at

I will occasionally post Sharks related stuff on my own personal blog - but for the meantime, you'll find me "across town."

I will continue to post concert set lists, travel journals, and the like, at

Thanks again for your readership!

Monday, November 10, 2008

How Your Team Can Beat the San Jose Sharks - 2 Possible Methods

The San Jose Sharks lost to the Phoenix Coyotes tonight 4-2, after being up 2-0 early in the first period. That much you can read about in full here.

This was just the third loss for the Sharks in 16 games - they are now 13-3-0 (still the best in the NHL). It is worth noting that all three losses came on the road.

Now, my fellow Sharks fans might question my judgment here, but I've decided to share some insider information as to how to get YOUR non-Sharks team to defeat us. I know, I'm the Benedict Arnold / Judas Iscariot sort.

There are two possibilities - your team will have to decide which course of action best suits their needs. Oh - and these possibilities will ONLY come into play if your team is hosting the Sharks, because the Sharks have every intention of staying undefeated at home.

Possibility #1

Have some connection to last season's Florida Panthers lineup.

All three losses featured teams that have some connection to the 2007-08 Florida Panthers lineup. Heck, one of the losses came at the hands of the Panthers themselves! Should the Sharks end up in the Cup Finals against the Cats, you'll know where to put your money.

As for the non-Floridian victors: Anaheim featured former Panther punk Steve Montador. Phoenix featured one Olli Jokinen AND Garth Murray.


When the trade deadline approaches in February, and potential playoff match-ups present themselves more clearly, write letters to your respective GM pleading for him to trade for either Ruslan Salei (Colorado) or Mike Van Ryn (Toronto). There - you've got your work cut out for you.

Although, come to think of it, the Sharks DID beat the Avs at the Pepsi Center at the start of the month... which is why this is a possibility, not a guarantee.

Possibility #2

Have thousands of empty seats in your arena.

Admittedly, this will be the hardest task for some of the fan bases out there (all 6 Canadian teams, natch). But I say this without sarcasm - if you want your team to get the best of us, have just a token amount of fans there to witness it. And don't go yourself.

Case in point - the Honda Center (despite its "official" attendance), BankAtlantic Center, and Arena were far from full when San Jose rode into town. The Sharks, who are used to a very rowdy HP Pavilion, must have found the ensuing silence too much to handle. San Jose's next away game is against the Chicago Blackhawks, who have picked the absolute worst time to start filling their arena again.

Wild Card Possibility #1

If you want to increase your team's chances of success, petition them to make on-site parking free. That seemed to enhance both Florida and Phoenix's odds.

Wild Card Possibility #2

Add ice girls, if you don't already have them - and do so quickly.

Traitor though I be - GO SHARKS!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

TV on the Radio @ Warfield - Setlist and (Mediocre) Photos

TV on the Radio performed tonight at the Warfield in San Francisco (the Dirtbombs opened). I won't review the show except to say that it was *good* - I preferred their Fillmore show better, but that's me being picky. All the same, I would have loved to have heard "Family Tree" tonight - the setlist was rather short, in my opinion. Still - great band, great charisma, a lot of fun.

1. Young Liars
2. The Wrong Way
3. Golden Age
4. Wolf Like Me
5. Dirtywhirl
6. Stork & Owl
7. Shout Me Out
8. Dancing Choose
9. Red Dress
10. DLZ
11. Satellite


12. Crying
13. A Method
14. Let the Devil In
15. Staring at the Sun



Jamie Baker - "He [Sean Avery] IS stupid."

I wasn't able to witness this from section 205 last night, but apparently a very frustrated Sean Avery squirted water at Sharks assistant coach Todd Richards, after failing to bug Brad Lukowich, Rob Blake, et al. during the San Jose vs. Dallas Stars game (Sharks won 2-1).

Jamie Baker, former Shark and current Sharks radio co-host, informed listeners of this incident during tonight's pre-game broadcast from Phoenix. To paraphrase Baker - Sean Avery's childish antics tell us that not only was he not able to get into the Sharks' heads, but he was unable to get the Sharks out of his head.

I also love Jamie Baker for saying (and I quote) "He is stupid" in reference to Sean Avery. He also thinks, aside from either a fine or suspension, that Avery should pay for Todd Richards' dry cleaning. Who knew Jamie had a little Don Cherry in him?

Screw Sean Avery, and GO SHARKS.

Tuuuuurrrrrrcooooo - Sharks beat Stars 2-1, go 9-0 at home

Correct me if this stat is wrong - but after tonight's game, I saw on TV at the bar that Todd McLellan became the 2nd coach in NHL history to win 9 straight home games to start the season.

If that is true, he has Dallas goalie Marty Turco largely to thank for that.

Turco made a horse's ass of himself in the final 30 seconds of the game by giving up the game winner on what should have been a simple execution. Sharks defenseman Brad Lukowich dumped the puck to Turco from center ice, and instead of playing the puck behind the goal or something similarly bright, Marty held on before trying to backhand it back up the middle. Enter Patrick Marleau, who managed to retrieve the puck after it hit his skate, before shooting it towards the net, where it was further helped in by the diving Dallas goaltender, for Patty's seventh of the year.

Officially, the goal was unassisted... LOL.

To quote David Spade: "Look, a falling star! Make a wish!"

I'd also like to take this moment to thank Brad Lukowich for inadvertently redeeming himself on that play. Earlier in the third period, Brad Lukowich badly misplayed the puck behind the Sharks' net, allowing a turnover to (I think) Steve Ott, that eventually resulted in a Loui Eriksson game-tying goal (and his sixth of the season).

Eriksson's goal was the first in over 36 minutes of game time - Dan Boyle had a nice goal (his third this season) with help from crisp passes from Joe Thornton and Marleau, seven minutes into the game.

Eriksson also ruined Brian Boucher's shutout streak at 163:41 since the start of the season... still, considering it was the only goal let up on 67 shots (21 from Los Angeles, 22 from Tampa Bay, and 24 from tonight), I'd say Boosh is doing pretty bleepin' well.

Not surprisingly, super pest (and occasional Vogue intern) Sean Avery served two separate minor penalties this evening, both in the first period (cross checking and slashing). However, it was actually San Jose that had the most penalty minutes - including too many men on the ice AND boarding (at least they weren't called for closing their hands on the puck, like on Thursday). Neither team converted on any of the ensuing power plays.

Ryane Clowe and Brandon Crombeen got into a fight by the players' bench before the first six minutes of the game had passed. My friend and I ruled it a draw - Clowe technically fell first, but got up to cause Crombeen to tumble even worse.

Lest I forget, the Sharks were looking pitiful at the get-go on faceoff wins - by the game's end the Sharks had won 24 to Dallas' 27, so I guess McLellan put some pressure on in the locker room to narrow the gap.

Patrick Marleau, Milan Michalek, and the Stars' Brad Richards each had 4 shots on goal - the most for the evening. Unlike the two Sharks forwards, Richards finished the evening with a minus-2 (the worst of any player tonight).

Mark Parrish, who had a hat trick last night in Anaheim in his first game with the Stars, was pretty quiet - I almost didn't notice #37's presence, though he did put in over 15 minutes of ice time. Rookie sensation Fabian Brunnstrom (who also scored last night against the Ducks) put up 3 shots, and thus made a bigger impression, but still was kept without a point. Marc-Edouard "Why Do They Call Me Pickles?" Vlasic led both teams' players in ice time, at an even 25 minutes.

Tomorrow (er, today), the Sharks take on *Olli Jokinen's* Phoenix Coyotes. It will be the second game in two days for both teams, as the Coyotes schooled Jokinen's old team, the Florida Panthers, 4-1 tonight... something the Sharks were unfortunately unable to do last month (well, as far as the final outcome - we did have 50 shots on goal, however. The way I choose to look at it - Olli had insider information, to which we were not privy).

Lastly, the Sharks now have a 3 point lead over the next closest team in the NHL, as the New York Rangers lost to the Washington Capitals tonight in regulation. Us - 26. Them - 23.

President's Trophy, here we come. GO SHARKS, and SUCK IT, Stars.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The game isn't over yet, but new Dallas Star Mark Parrish is lighting up Anaheim

As a Sharks fan, I don't know whether to be happy or alarmed... but the Dallas Stars are killing the Anaheim Ducks right now at the Pond (duck season... wabbit season). The Stars are up 4-1 with 12 minutes to go in the 2nd period.

Fabian Brunnstrom got his 6th goal of the season to open up the floodgates. He was shortly followed by Mark Parrish's first goal of the year, on the power play. Anaheim's Brendan Morrison managed to get his belated first goal of the year near the end of the period to cut the Stars' lead in half...

...Temporarily. Parrish struck again at just over a minute into the second period, again on the power play.

The Stars fourth goal of the night came courtesy of none other than, you guessed it - Mark Parrish (unassisted). Hat trick. First game with new team. On the road.

Um, WOW. Quick fantasy leaguers, claim him!

Although, ahem, he still sucks (being a Dallas Star and all)... again I say, ahem.

It's still 4-1 since I started typing this. Tomorrow night the Dallas Stars head north to face my beloved San Jose Sharks. Brian Boucher will be in net - here's hoping he (and the rest of Team Teal) can cause the Stars to burn out (yuk yuk).

As David Spade once said, "Look, a falling star! Make a wish!"

Jokes aside, I'm all for anyone cooling down Anaheim's recent streak (better than our own last 10 games) - even the Dallas Stars. My very temporary support is made easier by the fact that they are currently in 14th place in the Western Conference.

Ah shucks, they can have a couple of points at the expense of our better seeded rival...

Tomorrow, however, all bets are off. GO SHARKS.

Former Sharks defenseman Matt Carle is now a former Bolt

Read here for the skinny - but I find it funny that still-baby-faced Carle will be one of the Broad Street Bullies (Philadelphia Flyers). Steve Downie and Steve Eminger are headed to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Congratulations to Jody Shelley on his firstborn son, Owen William Shelley!

The following is cut and pasted from the Sharks webpage:

It looks like McLellan may field a full lineup on Saturday against Dallas. Marcel Goc is close to returning and Jody Shelley will be back following the birth of his first child.

“Everyone is doing great,” said Shelley of mother and child. “It’s a special thing.”

The full name of his newborn is Owen William Shelley and both names have something of a tie-in. William is his wife’s father’s middle name and they simply liked Owen, mostly due to knowing New York Islanders center Mike Sillinger’s son of the same name.

Thursday was a long day for the Shelley family and the new father actually considered playing after the birth, which happened just before Noon.

“I wanted to get back last night, but I was running out of steam,” Shelley said. “I went home last night and woke up at six and couldn’t wait to get back to the hospital.”

Congratulations, Jody and Mrs. Shelley!

It's official - Evgeni Nabokov is day-to-day with a lower body injury

After last night's game against St. Louis, it's the Sharks and their fans who will be singing the blues. Former Vezina finalist Evgeni Nabokov won the game by stopping Patrik Berglund last night in the shootout, but in the process, shut himself out of what could be a couple of weeks of action by tweaking his left knee.

Considering that Sharks backup Brian Boucher is 2-0-0 in two starts, with TWO SHUTOUTS, I'd say Team Teal is better off than most teams would be in a similar position (um, St. Louis...). Think Pittsburgh last year after Fleury missed significant time - Ty Conklin was absolutely amazing. I anticipate that Boosh will do likewise.

The Sharks have understandably called up Thomas Greiss from Worcester (to serve as Boosh's backup), as well as Brad Staubitz to take over for Jamie McGinn, who was sent back down. My guess is they want some grit to face off against Dallas, Nashville, and Calgary (to say nothing of Phoenix) in the next week. If Jody Shelley is still out with his family after his wife's childbirth (cigars all around!), then we will definitely want someone who can lay into our opponents when needed.

Get well soon, Nabby. GO SHARKS.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Light a candle for Nabby, and KILL A ZEBRA - Sharks beat Blues in S.O., 5-4

Tonight was one of those hockey games that shave minutes off your life. Not Game 6 of the 2008 Semifinals, but still pretty rough.

The San Jose Sharks came back from behind to force overtime, and subsequently won in the shootout over the visiting St. Louis Blues, 5-4, to stay unbeaten at home (8-0-0).

For those of you on the very early President's Trophy watch, the Sharks recaptured the lead over the New York Rangers, who won tonight over Tampa Bay. The Sharks now have 24 points to the Rangers' 23, with games in hand.

The game was off to a bad start for Teal Town, as Keith Tkachuk, previously without points against the Sharks in his last 5 games against us, scored his 9th goal of the season with four seconds left of the 5-on-3 (Alexei Semenov - roughing; Rob Blake - hooking). Lee Stempniak and rookie defenseman Alex Pietrangelo assisted (Pietrangelo's first point in the NHL).

Less than a minute later, Lee Stempniak struck again, this time with a goal of his own (his 8th of the season). Patrik Berglund and David Perron assisted. Poor Jonathan Cheechoo - he stepped on the ice as Rob Blake left the sin bin, only to be powerless to stop Stempniak's goal. Minus-1 just for that...

Finally, at 9:24 of the 1st, San Jose got on the board courtesy of Joe Thornton, who got it past backup Blues goalie Ben Bishop. His second goal of the year came with help from Patrick Marleau and Devin "Write-Me-In-2009" Setoguchi.

It took a power play goal from Rob Blake - his first of the season, and thus his first with San Jose - at seven minutes into the second to even it for the Sharks. Christian Ehrhoff assisted - way to go, d-men!

Aside from five minor penalties in the second (four for hooking! - 3 against St. Louis), the other "highlight" was David Backes' 10 minute game misconduct - he took out a pane of glass in Section 102. A girl proudly held up the torso-sized chunk, only to have it removed by a purple usher... way to be a kill-joy.

Elsewhere in the second period, St. Louis defenseman Roman Polak was injured in the leg - I didn't see it all the way, but people said the puck hit his leg or skate.

The third period... I had a feeling things were going to be odd when Milan Michalek got called for CLOSING HIS HAND ON THE PUCK (yeah, right) at 0:53. And the award for most obscure penalty goes to...

The St. Louis Blues got a BIG break when linesman Tony Sericolo (yes, I am calling him out) needlessly got in the way of the puck, which otherwise would have crossed the red line and out of danger. Instead, former Duck Andy McDonald scooped it up, rounded the net, and managed to get it past Nabby. Unbelievable - bad calls and missed calls aside, that was the low-light of the night, as far as officiating went. Brad Boyes and Barret Jackman may have been credited with the assists, but so help me - Zebra #84, you're a marked man in San Jose. Even if people do like you elsewhere.

Thank God Almighty for Ryane Clowe - he evened it just over a minute later with help from Jeremy Roenick and Rob Blake.

Unfortunately, Mr. Game Misconduct, David Backes, took the Blues back into the lead with his second goal of the season, assisted by Stempniak (again) and Berglund.

Starting at 14:41 in the 3rd, a penalty parade began. First, the Blues' Dan Hinote was called for hooking. FOUR SECONDS LATER, Jonathan Cheechoo was called for the same. TEN SECONDS LATER, Barret Jackman was called for interference. Aye aye aye... three penalties, in 14 seconds? There would be one more penalty for each team to finish off the night, if you can believe that.

Once again - thank God Almighty for Ryane Clowe. With just 1:39 left in regulation, he struck again with his 8th goal of the season - and the Pavilion exploded. Zebra assists, bad calls, missed calls... Team Teal rose above the b.s. to say "enough is enough." Oh, and Brad Lukowich and Setoguchi assisted.

In regulation, the Sharks outshot the Blues 41 to 26. They also never had the lead against St. Louis.

OVERTIME - couple scary moments, couple key chances. The Sharks were outshot 2 to 3, but no matter.

SHOOTOUT - if we were to drop a point at home, this was NOT the way it should go out, and NOT against this team (with all due respect, Blues fans).

It was looking scary as Joe Pavelski's shot went wide to open up the shootout. On the other end of the ice, Andy McDonald got it past Evgeni Nabokov. Bishop caught Jeremy Roenick's shot, and all eyes turned to Nabby. Thankfully, he caused Brad Boyes to miss, which set up Dan Boyle. BEAUTIFUL GOAL - great puck control. David Perron's shot was held by Nabby.

Ryane Clowe unofficially notched a hat trick - I'm sticking to that description. His goal would hold up, as Nabby caused Patrik Berglund to miss his shot...


It appears to be his left knee - we will have details shortly, I imagine. Shake it off Nabby... please.

In conclusion, I just have to ask - why is that when Sarah Palin drops the puck for a team, that team subsequently goes to overtime against us? TWO OVERTIMES against the Philadelphia Flyers, and now tonight's against the Blues. Two shootouts, even.

Thankfully, the San Jose Sharks extended the curse all three times. Just sayin'.

GO SHARKS! And get well soon, Nabby... not so much you, Paul Kariya.

Game Day Preview - Sharks host (the cursed?) St. Louis Blues

Tonight at the HP Pavilion, the San Jose Sharks (11-2-0) host the St. Louis Blues (5-6-0). Both teams were off to a meteoric rise, but while the Men in Teal kept the surge going, the Blues, after going 4-1 in their first 5 games, have won just 1 in their last 6 (against Florida in St. Louis, the night after the Cats beat the Sharks in Sunrise).

At the risk of continuing a political motif post-Election Day, I find it curious that the current losing streak of the Blues coincides with the second ceremonial puck drop of a certain vice presidential candidate (the Blues were shutout by the KINGS that night, 0-4).

I won't be bringing a sign to the Tank, however... I've learned my lesson.

Last night, the Blues were dealt a double blow at the hands of the Ducks, as they lost former Mighty Duck Paul Kariya (and the current St. Louis points leader - who was booed every time he touched the puck by his former fans) to a lower body injury, and subsequently lost the game in Anaheim, 5-2. Incidentally, one of the Blues goals came from former Duck Andy McDonald.

Four days earlier, the Blues lost to Pittsburgh at home, 3-6... one minor consolation for the loss was that St. Louis (specifically rookie Patrik Berglund) scored its 10,000th franchise goal.

St. Louis is playing without goalie Manny Legace (hip flexor), defenseman Erik Johnson (out indefinitely with torn ACL and MCL), center T.J. Oshie (ankle sprain), and left wing D.J. King (out for the season with shoulder surgery). Filling in for Legace tonight - either former Predator Chris Mason, who made 22 saves on 26 shots against Anaheim last night, or Ben Bishop (1-0-0, 2 games played).

Needless to say, the Blues will be thirsting for a much-needed win tonight - and the Sharks need to be ready for a desperate, albeit tired, team. Players looking to score - Keith Tkachuk (8 goals, 9 points) and Brad Boyes (7 goals, 11 points). Both have a minus rating (-6 and -9 respectively). Tkachuk is without a point in his last 5 games against the Sharks.

Let's keep it that way. GO SHARKS!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Five Sharks on the NHL All-Star ballot, but no GOOCH! (psst... grassroots write-in campaign!)

Although the NHL All-Star nominations might be flawed across the league, the five Sharks that have been selected are worthy of the honor... mostly.

Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton, and Evgeni Nabokov are the standards - both Thornton and Nabby were at the game last year (Nabby was the only goalie who didn't let up a goal). Newcomers Dan Boyle and Rob Blake are also on the ballot... my vote's for Boyle, of course (nothing personal, Blake).

You can read all the official stuff here.

Now, since the above options were selected before the season got underway, the obvious Shark missing from the nominations is Devin Setoguchi, who leads the team in goals (and is right behind Marleau for points, as of last night). Two other candidates (both forwards) - Joe Pavelski and Ryane Clowe. Milan Michalek is not far behind. Christian Ehrhoff has been reinventing himself as of late, too...

So, if you're like me, and you're p.o.ed that Gooch et al. are not printed on the ballot, you can start your own write-in campaign.

At the risk of sounding self-important, I would like to invite all and sundry to work with me on a coordinated write-in campaign. Gooch, Pavs, and Clowie. In that order.

Who's [not "whose"] with me?
UPDATE (7:30pm) = Mike Chen is with me!

Michael Crichton - dead at 66

I don't have time to go into this, but my favorite author as a teenager died. Read here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ryane Clowe gets the Gordie Howe Hat Trick as Sharks beat Gaborik/Nolan-less Wild, 3-1

Elsewhere in the nation, some Irishman named O'Bama landed a pretty sweet gig tonight... but here in San Jose, I daresay the puckheads had other things on their minds. Namely, having the San Jose Sharks (10-2-0) stay unbeaten at home as they faced the Minnesota Wild (7-2-1).

It couldn't have hurt the Sharks any that both the Wild's superstar, Marian Gaborik, AND former Sharks captain and current Wild Child, Owen Nolan, were out with lower body injuries. Of course, the rest of Jacques Lemaire's team is no push over, as evidenced by their strong start, good for the lead in the Northwest Division.

The Sharks learned this the hard way as the Wild got on the board first just 4:49 minutes into the game. Krys Kolanos, i.e. Mr. I-Haven't-Scored-in-the-NHL-since-2005, was assisted by Kim Johnsson and Benoit Pouliot.

Evgeni Nabokov's save percentage was looking like it would take a big hit again, as the goal came on the 5th Wild shot of the night (hellooooo .800). If it's any consolation to Nabby, the great Patrick Roy has seen Kolanos do worse things to him when the latter was with the Phoenix Coyotes.

It took almost 13 minutes, but the Sharks managed to even the score on a goal that was eventually credited to Mike Grier (his 2nd of the season), though it was initially stated as Ryane Clowe's goal. Clowe ended up with the assist, along with Tomas Plihal, after it was determined that the puck was deflected off of Grier's skate. From what I could tell (I sit in 205, above where the goal happened), it was Clowe all the way as he beat Niklas Backstrom, but the eyes in Toronto know better than I do. The re-crediting also took a point away from Dan Boyle (rats), who was originally given the second assist.

No matter. The Sharks were looking like they were ready to stay unbeaten on the home front, and finished the period with more shots on goal (14 to 8). In the closing minutes, Douglas Murray gave a nice shove to Antti Miettinen near the bench, reminding the Wild that the Sharks are the literally the biggest team in the NHL.

The second period was scoreless, but hard fought. The Sharks narrowly edged the Wild in shots, 13 to 11.

Jamie McGinn got his 2nd NHL goal (Jeremy Roenick getting his second point of the season, while Marleau also notched an assist), retrieving the rebound off of Backstrom to knock it in the net. McGinn was robbed of the game-winner in the final minute of the Detroit game on Thursday by Brian Rafalski, but tonight, this G.W. would stand up.

Not that the Sharks were content to let the Wild back into the game. Ryane Clowe got a *legitimate* goal just two minutes later, when he fired in his own rebound. The reaction from the Sharks fans was humorous - there was a delayed reaction to our celebration. I'll speak for Section 205, at the least (once again, right on top of the action) - we were in blissful disbelief that it went in.

Though failing to convert on a 5-on-3 was slightly ignominious, the Sharks did manage to pile on 22 shots, keeping Minnesota to just 5 of their own for the period. I was praying that the Sharks would crack 50 (it seemed unlikely that they wouldn't), but I still was satisfied with 49 s.o.g. Nabby's 23 saves were good for a .958 save percentage (woo hoo!).

Lest I forget the reason for the headline, Ryane Clowe earned the fabled "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" (goal, assist, and fighting major in one game) by rocking Erik Reitz's little world at 9:20 of the 3rd, behind the Minnesota net.

Also -somewhere in the game, Dan Boyle gave us a scare by falling by the boards and failing to get up quickly. He had been hit in the face somehow, but skated it off.

Also worth noting is the funny "Super Joe" clip played on the Jumbotron - Joe Thornton Sharks highlights, along with clever analysis / glorification of his superpowers (x-ray vision!).

Lest we become too prideful, the Sharks won less faceoffs tonight, 20 to 26. We also failed to convert on all six of our power plays (ouch...). HOWEVER, we kept the #1 line of Burnette-Koivu-Miettinen entirely scoreless tonight... recall that when that line scores, the Wild are 6-0. Their record for when the line doesn't score = 1-3-1 after tonight.

Finally, the Sharks are now at the head of the NHL in points, as the New York Rangers lost 2-1 to the crosstown Islanders at MSG tonight (two shorthanded goals - ha!). The Sharks have 22 to the Rangers' 21, with 2 games in hand.

San Jose continues the homestand with 4 more home games in 9 days beginning Thursday against the St. Louis Blues. They then face the Dallas Stars (now featuring slumping goaltending!) on Saturday, before taking a brief sojourn to Phoenix to face the Great One's Coyotes on Sunday. The following week will see visits from two usual post-season opponents: the Nashville Predators and Calgary Flames.

As always, GO SHARKS!