Friday, October 31, 2008

Sharks Pumpkin Art - Happy Halloween!

I love how the San Jose Sharks permeate our city's life. Even on holidays. This jack-o-lantern was found in suburban San Jose this evening. Awesome!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Todd McLellan's new boys school his old ones (why couldn't I be there tonight???)

The Red Wings and their fans got the first and the last goal, but not the last laugh. The San Jose Sharks defeated Detroit, 4 to 2, to stay perfect at home (6-0), and new Sharks coach Todd McLellan bested his old *master* Mike Babcock to further the Sharks' best start ever.

I am still listening to the game as I type - I am in Sacramento, where I cannot watch the game. Adding insult to injury, my computer is having issues with the free video tonight (DANG). The Red Wings just scored. Oh well...

I bring that up to explain that I can't give too many details, but here goes:

The first period found the Sharks outshooting the Wings 12 to 5. The Sharks killed the one Detroit power play (Rob Blake, holding).

Eighteen seconds into the second period, Detroit got first blood with Marian Hossa's 6th goal of the season. About seven minutes later, Patrick Marleau tied it up with his own 6th of the season. Two minutes after that, Jamie McGinn, in only his second NHL game, got his 1st NHL goal. The fun wasn't over yet, as Ryane Clowe got his 4th of the year during a power play (Hossa called for tripping. The Sharks once again outshot the Wings, 15 to 8.

The third period found the Wings to be even feistier, though the Sharks got their fourth straight goal (and PIZZA for the crowd) with a Joe Pavelski goal six minutes in (his 5th of the season). The Wings finished the period with a goal from Brian Rafalski, and outshot the Sharks 14 to 6 for the period, but it doesn't matter. As Dan Rusanowsky said, a statement was made tonight. At the risk of sounding cocky, the Sharks are the team to beat this season.

Other notes:

Ryane Clowe gets his first game-winning goal of the year... could have been Jamie McGinn, but the rook is still the #1 star (see below).

Ty Conklin, formerly the stellar backup Penguins goalie, was in net for Detroit tonight, versus Evgeni Nabokov.

Jamie McGinn (#1, 1 goal, 1 assist, plus-2), Devin Setoguchi (#2, 2 assists), and Patrick Marleau (#3, 1 goal, 6 shots on goal) were the stars for the evening.

Brad Lukowich appeared injured (so I heard), but returned to the ice.

Mr. Plank's predictions about goals turned out to be incorrect (nice guesses though, Jason - but Grier again was pushing it ;-) ).

Final shots on goal - 33 to 27, San Jose. The Sharks also had the edge in faceoffs, 33 to 28, and converted on 1 of 2 power plays, while the Red Wings were 0 for 2.

Joe Pavelski got into an altercation with the refs - so I heard from friends. More to follow.

This was supposed to be our test week. NEWS FLASH - WE PASSED.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeding Frenzy - Sharks embarrass Penguins

While you can read about the Sharks' commanding victory (the 2-1 score is deceptive) over the Pittsburgh Penguins last night at the HP Pavilion here and here, I thought I'd offer some brief information that would be of interest to fans of both teams.
  • Even though it's been said repeatedly in the last 24 hours, WE HELD THE PENS TO ELEVEN SHOTS. Also worth noting - at one point in the second period, we quadrupled their shot output 20 to 5.

  • Unfortunately worth noting - when Nabokov let up the only goal against, it was on the tenth shot... and thus his save percentage dropped immediately from perfect to .900. At least he didn't dip below .800 like the past few starts...

  • Last night was Jamie McGinn's first NHL game (after Marcel Goc was re-injured in Tampa, and Brad Staubitz was sent back down).

  • The Penguins were without Sergei Gonchar and Ryan Whitney... and earlier this year they were without Sidney Crosby. Just saying...

  • I wanted to see Marc-Andre Fleury in net, but I'll take Sabourin if it means an easier Sharks victory. Not that he made it too easy...

  • Jody Shelley vs. Eric Godard - whole lotta awesome. I complemented Jody on it today at the Sharks Store, and asked him to do the same against Steve Ott next week. He laughed affirmatively. (P.S. - Shelley was a class act tonight, personalizing autographs for kids and staying later than the required 6pm to sign for people stuck in the long line... like me.)

  • I felt a tinge of corny delight as Miroslav Satan was sent to the penalty box. Satan, in the sin bin, where he belongs.

  • Nabby's kick save - awesome.

  • Sidney Crosby's first point against the San Jose Sharks - not so awesome. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe that makes us the last of 29 non-Pittsburgh teams to give up a point to the Kid. At least he's still without a goal against us.

  • Mike Grier once again got the game winner against Pittsburgh at home. He also had it on November 4, 2006.

  • The Sharks are tied with the Philadelphia Flyers (how ironic...) for most shorthanded goals in the season thus far, at FIVE. The next closest team, the New York Islanders, has three.

  • The Sharks lead the league in faceoff wins, at 57.7% Detroit is behind us at 54.6%. We won 32 to Pittsburgh's 20 last night.

  • You may have gathered from the picture above, but I made another sign... G-rated, non-political. The Pens players noticed it, I might add.


Sharks in Florida, Part 2

The crazy sub-48-hour San Jose Sharks road trip continues, as Dustin and Markos cross the "Sunshine" State towards Tampa Bay, home of the Lightning.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I wake up after almost seven hours of sleep. Coming on the heels of no sleep for 36 hours, this is heaven. We are ready to say goodbye to Miami Beach.

We check out of the hotel, and grab our car to drive to Everglades National Park. The only realistic way to the park is on SR-41, a tedious route through western Miami, before the suburbs and traffic lights evaporate into marshland.

Appropriately enough, we teal-heads enter the Everglades at Shark Valley. Other than the two of us, there are no signs of sharks to be seen. There are, however, plenty of alligators and birds. Markos and I rent bicycles to head out on a 14 mile roundtrip path to an observation tower.

We arrive at the observation tower. I wipe my brow, and grimace upon noticing that my body is covered in dead gnats that died in my sunscreen and sweat. This is why God invented helmets.

Below is the state of the sky, reflected in the marshy waters beneath the tower.

The way we came, and would return.

Markos gears up for the return trip, which would feature rain.

After the brief cloudburst.

We begin our epic drive to the Gulf Coast, and I convince Markos that we can see both Fort DeSoto Beach AND make it in time for practice in Tampa at 7:00pm. The beach is quite nice, though our time there is very brief.

After driving through St. Petersburg and into Tampa, we arrive at the St. Pete Times Forum. We pay $20 to park as close as possible, so we do not miss the puck dropping. I apologize to Markos repeatedly for making us miss practice.

What was really on the minds of all the "fans."

Quite a banner they've got there... some day soon, Teal Town... oh, and lest we forget, it was Tampa that avenged our loss to Calgary in 2004 (at least, I choose to think of it that way...).

Ready for action.


The Game
  • In short, the Sharks embarrassed the Tampa Bay Lightning. Maybe the team embarrassed itself - the #1 line featuring Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, and Vaclav Prospal turned over the puck more times than I could count. The one reason the score wasn't 10 to 0 was Mike Smith, who was positively stellar. The fact that Smith was the #1 star of the evening, after giving up 3 goals, speaks volumes about his importance to the team. It's a shame for Bolts fans that the goalie can't (usually) score goals.
  • Another highlight for the Lightning, on a night with so few for the home team, was that former Penguin Ryan Malone absolutely kicked Ryane Clowe's arse. Clowe returned the favor by adding his fourth goal of the season in the second period, during a power play, after getting his stick on Christian Ehrhoff's shot. Oh, and Malone finished the night with a minus-2 (HA).
  • It was Marcel Goc who had the game winner, i.e., the first goal of the night. Devin Setoguchi's goal in the third period sent the Sharks up 3-0, and sent many of the Tampa Bay fans home for the evening. At least their baseball team was doing well... until they lost at almost 2am local time to the Phillies.
  • Lest I forget, Brian Boucher was once again stellar in his second performance of the year, earning his second shutout while stopping 22 shots... which was good enough to earn Boosh the second star of the night.
Small notes
  • The Tampa fans graciously applauded Dan Boyle after his name was announced for assisting on Goc's goal.
  • Former Sharks defenseman Matt Carle looks as baby-faced as ever.
  • Barry Melrose was rocking the mullet, if not the Bolts' bench.
  • Marcel Goc got checked hard, and had to leave the ice - revenge for his goal, I take it.
  • Marek Malik (former Ranger) played his first game for the Bolts.
  • First-round draft pick (2008) Steve Stamkos was a minus-2 for the night.
  • Evgeny Artyukhin (RW) led the Bolts with 5 shots on goal, while Ryane Clowe had EIGHT (nice!).
  • Pickles (Marc-Edouard Vlasic) led both teams' players in ice time, notching over 28 minutes.
After the game, Markos and I congratulated ourselves on the Sharks victory before heading back to Fort Lauderdale, where we killed time wading in the Atlantic eating slices of pizza (!), before boarding our 6am flight to Houston.
In Houston, we took a taxi to get some real (i.e. non-airport) food. And we ended up here.

Their meals were cheap, tasty, and large. Hooray for Texan food... but not for Texan hockey (suck it, Stars).

The End... GO SHARKS.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sharks in Florida, Day 1 recap

I'm still recovering from the whirlwind Florida trip that my buddy Markos and I undertook this past weekend - hence the delay in reporting on the state of our beloved San Jose Sharks. What follows is a semi-detailed retelling of our less-than-48-hour trip to the "Sunshine" State, in which we do much that is hockey related, but much more that is not. All photos except the one, uh, right here, are from our trip.

Friday October 24, 2008

12:30am PST

The red-eye from SFO to Fort Lauderdale leaves without a hitch, and leaves us without any sleep. Just as I am about to conk out, the stewardess mercilessly strikes my elbow with her beverage cart, ensuring my inability to get any shuteye. Mental note - reconsider aisle seats next time.

6:00am CT (roughly)

We land with a bump in Houston, and curb our hunger with $8 "omelets" which lack substance, nutrition, and taste, to say nothing of affordability. Not everything is bigger in Texas, it seems...

7:30am CT (roughly)

We take off from George Bush Intercontinental to Fort Lauderdale. More of the same, just a slightly shorter flight that leaves us wondering why we had agreed to do such a crazy trip... before we repent of our momentary unfaithfulness to the Sharks.

11:00am ET
Our first impressions of the Sunshine State [I hadn't been since I was 12, and it is Markos' first time] are that it did not live up to its name - overcast skies, threatening rain. As close as this state would get to hockey weather, I suppose... though the stifling humidity works against that description.

We rush to pick up our rental car, a black Ford Focus, and drive out of Fort Lauderdale towards Miami Beach, where we would be staying. Had I had the forethought to actually look up the location of the BankAtlantic Center (where the Florida Panthers play), I might not have settled on Miami Beach as our base, considering that the arena is located in Sunrise, an hour north of Miami (but just a few minutes west of Fort Lauderdale, on the edge of the Everglades).

No matter - Miami Beach has its obvious perks, though the sun is not out.

Before doing anything, we need food - the Texan "omelets" were not sufficient. So we head to the famous Joe's Stone Crab, belatedly realizing that we are woefully under-dressed for such a ritzy establishment (Bentleys parked out front - seriously). Fortunately, Joe's caters to all stripes, as they have a take-away counter ever-so-slightly removed from the fine-dining (gotta keep out the riff-raff... that would be us).

It's our first experience having stone crabs, and while they are indeed unique and tasty, the price (roughly $3 per medium sized claw with a walnut-sized chunk of meat) is prohibitive. We augment our stone crab taste test with lobster rolls and mahi sandwiches, before hitting the beach.

The red flag is definitely out at South Beach - we hadn't planned on going in the water just yet (more on that later), so we content ourselves with walking out on the jetty, before heading north to the Bass Museum of Art.


We feel slightly guilty about seeing art when the beach is two minutes away, but we promise to be brief. The Bass Museum turns out to be just two small floors of art, making for an hour's worth of viewing. Flemish tapestries blow our teal-colored artistic minds. The graffiti outside adds to the artsy ambiance, and reminds us of the sleep that we so distinctly lack.


The Holocaust Memorial, followed by Versace's mansion. Because they're there.


Wonder what else to do in Miami Beach. Decide to head north to Sunrise.

I call my classroom, and remind my students via speaker phone to be nice to the substitute teacher. They mostly oblige, so I am told.
We stop in Sunrise to buy Red Bull at WalMart. It gives us wings.


We drive into the BankAtlantic Center's parking lot. Free parking. Rule of thumb - you can ALWAYS judge a hockey team's attendance by the parking fees. If it's free, they can't fill seats (i.e. Phoenix Coyotes).


We don the teal for the first time in Florida. I'm wearing my recently-signed Pavelski jersey - Markos is Cheech. We pose for photos outside, and are slightly surprised at the number of Panthers jerseys we see. After all, this is the 30th arena out of 30 for capacity percentage attendance in the NHL.

We enter the BankAtlantic Center, which feels refreshingly like a meat locker, and make our way to the glass for practice. En route, a feisty Florida fan informs me of his prediction that Jay Bouwmeester will slash Jonathan Cheechoo, and put him out for weeks. I tell the antagonist that I will keep my comments about Richard Zednik and slashing to myself. He howls his protests.


Drew Remenda is three feet from me doing an interview. Practice begins. Joe Thornton eyes me awkwardly as I bow a la Wayne and Garth. He has the decency to wave and smile, but notices an attractive female behind me, squashing my mojo. Markos and I gradually move to the Panthers side of the red line, and scope out Keith Ballard, Jay Bouwmeester, Nathan Horton, Cory Stillman, et al.


Practice ends. The stands are a third full at best. Markos and I attempt to squat in unclaimed red line lowers, which would be a significant upgrade from our $18 seats. Ushers see the teal and make a beeline for us. We reluctantly remove ourselves from the lower bowl.


Situated in our porously populated fourth tier, we watch our Sharks from on high.

0:51 of the 1st period

Joe Thornton gets the Sharks on the board less than a minute in on a power play goal (Jay Bouwmeester called for delay of game), which is fired from the slot and trickles in past Tomas Vokoun. Former Panthers nemesis Dan Boyle and "Pickles" get the assists. Game is off to a good start. Markos and I, on the opposite end of the arena, are forced to use our binoculars to see the replay on the Jumbotron, which is far from jumbo, and probably dates to Tron.

7:16 of the 1st period

Florida ties it up with an even-strength goal from Cory Stillman, his fourth of the season, though the play comes about from Keith Ballard at the blue line. The arena comes to life, despite being depressingly empty for a Friday night game. Markos and I wax nostalgic about the HP Pavilion.

14:29 of the 1st period

Florida takes the lead. The aforementioned Richard Zednik scores his first of the season, set up from Keith Ballard once again. Markos and I are not worried, though far from thrilled.

15:05 of the 1st period

Florida scores thirty seconds later to make it 3-1. Marcel Goc turned the puck over behind the Panthers' net, leading to a Florida rush that ends with a Nathan Horton goal, assisted by Cory Stillman. Malaise sets in on those wearing teal. Evgeni Nabokov's save percentage is in the toilet for the period, though the blame does not fall squarely on him.


Markos and I are amused and appalled at Florida's extremely gorgeous ice girls. Like free parking, ice girls are indicative of one thing - a desperate attempt at boosting poor attendance. We once again wax nostalgic for the Shark Tank.

11:38 of the 2nd period

The three dozen or so fans wearing teal explode as Ryane Clowe gets his stick on Christian Ehrhoff's shot, beating Tomas Vokoun during the final seconds of a Sharks power play (Nathan Horton called for interference). Teal Town denizens in attendance bemoan the announcer's poor pronunciation of Ryane's last name (note - it does not rhyme with "cow").
15:56 of the 2nd period
Jody Shelley is called for interference. I tell Markos that I would love a shorthanded goal, especially because Vokoun is being so pesky with his great saves this period.

17:37 of the 2nd period

Markos and I go insane as Patrick Marleau fulfills my wish. Panthers fans expect the worst. Markos and I send texts left and right to folks back home.

18:14 of the 2nd period

I look up while texting to see Cory Stillman net the eventual (and technically even-strength) game-winner, though no one in attendance knows the goal's full significance at this point. They shout and cheer like they do, however. Markos and I are discouraged, yet optimistic that we will bounce back from adversity.

End of the 3rd period
Markos and I are appalled that our second loss of the year comes at the hands of a non-Ovechkin led Southeastern Division team. One that has not been to the playoffs in nine seasons, at that. Our exit out of the arena is made intolerable by suddenly belligerent Panthers fans revelling in their team's unlikely victory. Words and upended fingers are exchanged on the downward escalator. Fellow Sharks fans rally together in the parking lot, reminding Panthers fans that the Cats will once again fail to make the playoffs, and that they should enjoy the victories when they can get them... before they are shipped north to Quebec in 5 to 10 years.

Fifty shots on goal for Team Teal is a telling tally (ack, alliteration...), but then again, so are Vokoun's 47 saves, not to mention the final 4-3 outcome. Both Rob Blake and Marc-Edouard Vlasic were minus-3 for the night. Curiously, only former Southeastern Division players Dan Boyle and Brad Lukowich ended up with a plus-rating for San Jose (both +1). On the other end of the ice, only one Panther had a minus-rating (McLean, -1). Ouch.

Markos and I are vaguely aware of these stats (or at least the generalities) as we hunt down our Ford Focus, which seems hell-bent on not being found.

Markos and I finally track down our car, after 30+ minutes of searching. I then notice two ladies who traveled with the Sharks this February when they toured the Atlantic Division. We chat for about an hour.
Midnight, Saturday, October 25
I pilot the Focus into Miami, getting lost numerous times as we attempt to track down late-night Cuban food in Little Havana.


We finally sit down to well-earned Cuban comfort food at Versailles Restaurant on Calle Ocho. Markos downs a beer while I tackle a mojito to drown my sorrows in minty alcohol. Tomorrow's (er, today's) game would be a teal victory, we assured ourselves.


Sleep. Much needed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bret Hedican signs 1-year contract with the Anaheim Ducks (quack...)

Veteran defenseman Bret Hedican signed a one-year contract with the Anaheim Ducks today. The 38-year old former Carolina Hurricane posted 17 points last year, with a plus-rating to match. He played 6 seasons with Carolina (369 games), winning the Stanley Cup with the team in 2006 (when he went up against then-Oiler Chris Pronger, who is now his teammate, if not linemate...).

Hedican has also played with the Florida Panthers (two full seasons, two half seasons, 202 games), the Vancouver Canucks (four full seasons, two half seasons, 310 games; reached the 1994 Cup Finals with the team), and the St. Louis Blues (two and a half seasons, 107 games). He has also appeared eight seasons in the playoffs, at least once per team, for a total of 108 playoff games.

Welcome to the Pacific, Mr. Kristi Yamaguchi... you are now the sworn enemy of the San Jose Sharks (who, in all fairness, had to have been courting your talents in the offseason...).

Gone traveling with the Sharks...

I love road trips - the joy of exploring new terrain, the freedom from the daily routine, the chances of meeting new people...

It's even better when you combine a road trip with HOCKEY - specifically SAN JOSE SHARKS HOCKEY.

Tonight my good friend and I fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to begin a crazy, teal-brained, whirlwind Sharks road trip across the Sunshine State. We're taking the red-eye from SFO, which is the only teacher-friendly flight of the day that gets us there on time...

After chilling in Miami Beach and Little Havana early in the day, we'll head to Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale suburb) to see the Florida Panthers host the Sharks. The Panthers beat the Ottawa Senators last night, and narrowly missed beating the Montreal Canadiens earlier this week, so while Olli Jokinen is no longer on their team, Nathan Horton, Cory Stillman, and Keith Ballard can still do some damage. Though he's been without serious points so far in the season, Jay Bouwmeester isn't one to scoff at, either.

Luckily for Richard Zednik, Kyle McLaren has been sent to the minors... shucks, no reunion, which would surely be cordial and charming.

Saturday we'll cross the state (via the Everglades) to the Gulf Coast, to see *Barry Melrose's* Tampa Bay Lightning play Team Teal. In the process, we'll greet an old friend, Matt Carle, and witness the first Bolts game of veteran Marek Malik.

If we have time before the game, we'll try to check out either the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, or Fort DeSoto Beach (#1 beach in America, so it's claimed).

Post-game, we'll celebrate by re-crossing the state to catch our 6am flight from Fort Lauderdale. Yea us...

After all, gotta make it back home in time to see Marc-Edouard Vlasic at the Sharks Store, followed by a visit from Sid the Kid, the Malkin-ator, and, um, Satan, the latter of whom joined forces with the Pittsburgh Penguins recently.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scotch Tape emits x-rays?!?

I just saw this on Yahoo, and as a teacher I just have to say - where can I get a vacuum chamber in a hurry? Because, as a teacher, I DO have plenty of Scotch Tape.

THE CURSE CONTINUES!!! Sharks beat Flyers in S.O.!

How fitting that Jeremy Roenick should leave his mark during his last game ever in Philadelphia.

J.R. netted the game winning shootout goal to finish off his old team, the Philadelphia Flyers, at the Wachovia Center. The San Jose Sharks won by the ridiculous score of 7-6 (let's see if tonight's World Series game gets that high), which featured 7 combined goals in the first period.

I don't have the stamina to list all the goals - read here.

Though Evgeni Nabokov stopped both Mike Richards and Daniel Briere in the shootout, his save percentage was once again below .800, as he stopped 23 of 29 shots.

On the other end of the ice, Antero Niittymaki was pulled after giving up a 4th goal on 15 shots, and slumping Martin Biron took over to stop 18 of 20 shots.

Patrick Marleau had his 3rd and 4th goals of the season (including a wraparound that completely embarrassed Martin Biron, who was not even in the crease), but took a stupid holding penalty in the final minutes of the 3rd period, which led to a Daniel Briere game-tying goal, once again assuring the Flyers of at least 1 point for the evening.

Fortunately for the Sharks, that's all that Philadelphia received, as Joe Pavelski and Jeremy Roenick lit up Biron in the shootout.

The San Jose Sharks' record now stands at 6-1-0. The Flyers, on the other hand, are the NHL's only winless team, with a 0-3-3 record. Even the Ducks have passed them up now...

In other news, Sarah Palin is thinking about starting a new curse by dropping the puck in St. Louis... considering how Keith Tkachuk is doing, I'm up for that! Also, thanks to Puck Daddy for linking my post.

Sharks to unveil the latest incarnation of the Third Jersey - black, of course

Mark your calendars, Teal Town denizens, because the Sharks are set to unveil a not-so-teal third jersey. The "BlackArmor" will be unveiled on Friday November 21 (10am PST for you serious clock watchers). "BlackArmor" is a tie-in promotion with Seagate Technology... you can read about it more here.

The release date comes just before the Washington Capitals (and Alexander the Great, er, Ovechkin - or is it Semin these days?) come to town. Guess the black is meant to compete with the "Rock the Red" campaign of the other guys...

In total, the Sharks will be wearing the jerseys at 12 home games and 2 away games.

“BlackArmor” Nights:
Nov. 22 vs. Washington
Nov. 26 vs. Chicago
Dec. 2 vs. Toronto (whose head coach knows nothing about a black third jersey...)
Dec. 4 vs. Columbus
Dec. 11 vs. Anaheim
Jan. 15 vs. Calgary
Jan. 27 @ Colorado
Jan. 29 vs. Phoenix
Feb. 5 vs. Carolina
Feb. 19 vs. Los Angeles
March 5 vs. Minnesota
March 19 vs. Nashville
April 5 @ Anaheim
April 9 vs. Phoenix

Thanks for the heads up, Tiff :-)

Update - Rissmiller clears waivers, but is not sent to minors, leading to trade speculation

Former San Jose Shark, *current* New York Ranger forward Patrick Rissmiller cleared waivers today, according to this blogger. However, he has not yet been sent to the Rangers' AHL affiliate in Hartford, leading to speculation that a trade is in the works.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Former Shark, current Ranger Patrick Rissmiller placed on waivers

The New York Rangers have placed former Sharks forward Patrick Rissmiller on waivers. Rissmiller signed a one-year contract for $1 million with the Rangers on July 1. He will be an unrestricted free agent next season. Last season with San Jose, Rissmiller played in 79 games, posting 17 points and 30 penalty minutes, with no points in his 8 playoff games. He has only played in 2 games for the Rangers this season, and has a minus-2 rating with no points.

Kaspar clears waivers!

Lukas Kaspar, the San Jose Sharks left wing (1st round pick, 2004) cleared waivers today. You can read about it here. It was a calculated risk that Doug Wilson undertook to send Kaspar down to minors - fortunately for the Sharks, Kaspar is still in the Sharks' organization (whew...). He will still be paid his $600,000 salary, while it won't count against the salary cap.

Have fun in Worcester, Lukas - see you soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Breaking Sharks news - Lukas Kaspar on waivers (unsubstantiated rumor - Jeff Friesen?)

I'm still trying to figure this one out - San Jose Sharks left wing Lukas Kaspar was placed on waivers today. Kaspar, from the Czech Republic, was the Sharks' 1st round draft pick in 2004 (22nd overall). His first NHL goal was the game winner against the Los Angeles Kings on October 12 - it's also his only point thus far in the season (hey, it's young).

Kaspar's salary is $600,000. If Kaspar is not picked up, he will be sent down to Worcester, where he'll join happy camper Kyle McLaren.

Wonder what Doug Wilson is concocting upstairs... could it be JEFF FRIESEN??? Or Jamie McGinn... who is getting a point a game in the minors. To be continued.