Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Liguria, Italy, 2004

After departing France, we would press east, into northwest coastal Italy.
Chronologically, this pic is out of order... But it makes a decent opening photo.

A German acquaintance Jesse, with Jon at the train station in Ventimiglia, just inside Italy.

We saw our Quebecois friend at the same station, coincidentally. 

Looking west back toward France.

First impressions of Italy's Riviera were good ones.

Genoa was our first real stop, but we soon left after realizing it wasn't a beach town. In hindsight, my 22 year old logic was naive. This is a monument to native son Christopher Columbus. 

Our final stop for the day was the town of Camogli, to the east of Genoa and virtually at the western base of the Portofino peninsula (pictured).

A rare photo of me without a shirt on... note the bad farmer's tan, "augmented" by some residual sunburn from France.

The large raftlike inner tube to the left was where we hung out most of the time. 

Jon got crapped on by a bird, so naturally we had to document it.

Speaking of Jon, we would part ways (me - Venice, he - Cinque Terre), before meeting up again in Rome. Coming up next = Venice.

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