Sunday, November 13, 2016

Las Vegas, May 2016

One of the last things I wanted to do as a California resident was to visit Great Basin National Park, in Nevada.  However, after planning for weeks, the weather forecast for Memorial Day weekend said "rain" at Great Basin, which made my traveling companions and I decide to just "screw it" and do Las Vegas.  So we did.  Here are the photos.

The view from the Hooter's Casino... yes, they have a casino.

Hooter's is a terrible hotel.  But it's decently located.

Adrian flaunts his Benjamins (and Andrews).

The close-to-empty Hooter's casino.

Hooters is across the street from MGM Grand.

We actually looked up the prices at MGM Grand once we arrived at Hooter's, it was so bad.

Walking around the corner to the Strip.

New York New York

I once saw David Copperfield when I was a kid... I guess it's encouraging that he's still performing.

As seen on TV...

New York New York

More of the same.

We went to Aria to catch the Warriors / Thunder Game 6 (note Paris in the distance).

Adrian and Edwin don't drink, but we still ponied up to the bar at Aria.

Still a close game.

I believe I had a beer, but the hard stuff made a more interesting photo.


Caesars Palace


Ei-Faux Tower


Treasure Island and The Mirage

I placed my first sports bet ever inside The Mirage... I bet on the Sharks winning in 6.  My mistake...

Pittsburgh in 6 was the actual result.

Edwin relaxes by the sports betting area.

We saw The Beatles' Love (Cirque du Soleil) at The Mirage.

Union Jack, but of course...

It was a really good show.  I preferred Mystere @ Treasure Island, but that's just me.

Bellagio fountain show.

Edwin takes it all in...

Fun weekend, and great company.

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