Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cannon Beach, Oregon

One of the beaches I've most wanted to visit in the world is Cannon Beach, the most famous of Oregon's noteworthy beaches.  Haystack Rock rises 235 feet above the surf, giving the beach (and the state) its iconic image, which graces a ridiculous number of calendars.  My family drove the 100 miles to Cannon Beach over Mother's Day weekend = here are the pics.

My parents, walking with Christopher on the main drag.

First stop = a local bakery, to get marionberry turnovers.

Chris preferred his blueberry muffin.

Beach time with Gaga.

Several horseback riders were to be seen this day.

Haystack Rock looms behind the minor cliffs.

That's a big rock.

Chris with a pointed stick... like a moth to the flame.

Grandpa relaxes.

Chris and I would make lots of sandcastles (when I wasn't taking photos).

Another cowboy.

Definitely a beach worth visiting, and given that it's one of the closest to us, we'll surely be back.

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