Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Astoria, Oregon

The same day my family and I went to visit Cannon Beach, my wife and I decided to head back to Vancouver (actually Portland - more on that later) via Astoria.  Fortunately my parents watched the boys so we could make this extra excursion.  

Astoria, Oregon, is at the mouth of the Columbia River, on a tiny peninsula.  This extremely long bridge connects it to Washington state, across the river.

Seen while driving into town.
A view of Astoria, not far up a hill from the river.

Our destination: Fort George Brewery.

A view further up the hill.

Astoria was the first permanent U.S. settlement on the Pacific coast.

Of course, there was a fort there.
Reconstructed (?) fort juxtaposed with more modern Astoria buildings.
The Columbia River, with Washington state across.
View of Columbia from Fort George Brewery.

Menu inside Fort George Brewery.

I got an IPA.  It was tasty.

Lo and behold, in an astonishing coincidence, my brother-in-law and mother-in-law decided to take an excursion out from Portland and Vancouver (respectively).  I texted a photo of them like this one to them, which led to a funny reunion.

Up next - the Warriors @ Trail Blazers.

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