Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day Out with Thomas (the Train), July 2015

My son Christopher is a Thomas and Friends fanboy, so I took him to the Day Out with Thomas train ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains this past July.  Obviously this post is long overdue, to the point that Christopher has changed quite a bit from how he appears in these pics.

The hat didn't last very long (he likes wearing them backwards).

We had some time to kill before the train ride, so the jumpy house filled that gap.

I could have made this post just about jumpy houses, Chris loves them so much.

The waiting is the hardest part.

I have a cell phone pic where he smiled with me, but alas... slack jawed on this one.

Don't worry, I made sure he wasn't going to pitch over the side.

After the train ride everyone had to retrieve their strollers.

Thomas, he's the cheeky one...

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