Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Friend's Gig (Edwin Wise @ San Francisco Giants)

My friend Edwin Wise got the gig of a lifetime this year when he beat out a bunch of applicants to get one of two spots as a San Francisco Giants in-stadium host (I dunno what the official title is, but he gets on the jumbotron a lot).  I had to see him in action, so I went in August to a game vs. the Nationals.  I'll refrain from posting game pics in order to focus on Edwin.

I got bleacher seats to be closer to Edwin's work space.

Ack!  Spotted en route to work.

His brother Adrian is ADubb, so it's appropriate that he's EDubb.

"Get a seat near the glove," he told me.  It was then that I saw why.

"I'm flying, Jack!"

Talking with the producer types.

"Why are you still taking pictures, Dustin?  Pervert!"

The man has a vision...

On the big screen, mingling with the crowd.

Lucky Row!

Introducing a DJ.  I don't have other pictures of the big screen because I took video (for obvious reasons).

Edwin was kind enough to come slum it in the bleachers with me around the bottom of the 8th or top of the 9th inning.

When Edwin gets even more famous, I'll have him autograph this photo.

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