Saturday, August 1, 2015

Father's Day Weekend, Day 2, Part 2 = Louisville, Kentucky

After Churchill Downs, it was time to check into our downtown Louisville hotel and check out some of what the city had to offer.

The 400 West Market skyscraper, near our hotel, is the tallest building in the state of Kentucky. 

View of Louisville from our hotel room.

I believe this is Main Street, Louisville.

We went to the Bristol Bar & Grille for dinner, and my father-in-law and I got a bourbon tasting flight.

The bourbon I sampled.

Christopher is a ham.

Speaking of pork, here is the Bristol's take on the Louisville culinary classic, the Hot Brown.  Mighty good (we would have it the next day at the Brown Hotel, which invented it).

We walked off our calories further down Main Street, approaching the Louisville Slugger Factory.  This plaque and bat honor Roberto Clemente.

One of several oddities we would see in Louisville: an end-of-Prohibition-newspaper horse.

Is that a statue of David in the distance?  Yes... yes, it is.

We declined the horse and carriage rides.

Statue of David, 30 feet tall.

Another oddity = a car modeled after pomegranates.

Louisville, you strange beautiful bastard, you.

I guess the same could be said about David.

Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum (we would visit it the following day, when it was free for fathers!).

Photos aren't allowed on the tour, but no one was enforcing a photo ban through the windows (hehehe).

Jimmie Foxx plaque and bat.

Babe Ruth

Honus Wagner

Josh Gibson

Opposite the Louisville Slugger Factory.

The world's largest baseball bat, Louisville Slugger Factory.  Note the girl for scale.

Looking up...

It's a long way up.

From across the street.

We were only a couple blocks from the Ohio River, so we hiked down for a scenic walk back to our hotel.  Apparently the Ohio floods periodically...

Ohio River with Indiana in the distance.

This would be fun (next time!).

These bugs were everywhere at the riverfront.

Clarksville, Indiana, and the Colgate Clock (one of the largest clocks in the world).

South bank of the Ohio (Kentucky side).

Another amateur photographer.

Bridge to Indiana.

My in-laws, strolling my son.

We'd see the Falls of the Ohio in the distance the following day.

Walking back next to the Ohio (no idea what these large structures are for).

Quack quack.

The KFC Center, a major Louisville attraction (we didn't visit it).

Sadly, we also didn't visit the Muhammad Ali Center, dedicated to the native son of Louisville.

Fourth Street Live, a few yards from our hotel.

We were woken up just before midnight with a loud automated voice informing us of a fire and the need to evacuate.  The fire was below our floor.

Sigh... so we had to go outside in our pajamas.

Lamesauce.  We got to go back in around 25 minutes later.

Coming up next = Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum.

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