Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 7, Part 2 (final) = Southern Illinois, Paducah, KY, and Tennessee

The home stretch!  Hard to believe that we were about 6 hours away from Chattanooga, TN, where we would stop before backtracking an hour to attend Bonnaroo.  Here's the final push, starting at the Mississippi River.

The Martin Luther King Bridge, leading into Illinois.

Looking back at the St. Louis waterfront.

We were now east of the Mississippi, where I would stay for more than 2 weeks.

Mississippi River

The view of St. Louis from an East St. Louis, IL, gas station.

Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois


We needed food, and we wanted to break up the drive, so we went to Paducah, Kentucky.  Here's the bridge to Paducah from the Illinois side of the Ohio River.

This bridge was VERY difficult to drive across - it may as well have had cobblestones.

The Ohio River (Kentucky on the left).

Welcome to The South.

Paducah is a historic town founded by none other than Lewis and Clark.

One of its claims to fame is being a quilting Mecca.

Downtown Paducah

Impressive facility in Paducah

Old train down by the waterfront.

Ohio River (Illinois in the distance)

Ohio River

I still don't know why it's called the Atomic City.

All of these murals were at the waterfront.

A terrible photo of the National Quilt Museum.

Historic downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

Downtown Paducah

We had lunch at a place called Shandie's.  Their burger was absolutely one of the best ever.

If you like antiques, this is a town for you.

We finally entered Tennessee a little bit after leaving Paducah.

Nice foliage in Tennessee.




This would have been our exit to Bonnaroo if we were arriving on time.  However, we had family (including my wife and kid) to see in Chattanooga, an hour (plus a time change) down the road.

Coming up = Bonnaroo!

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