Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Father's Day Weekend, Day 1, Part 3 = A walk over the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Kentucky

After visiting the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, we decided to take a little stroll... across the adjacent John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River, back into Kentucky.  We technically didn't set foot back in Kentucky, though the majority of the river is Kentucky property (check it out on Google Maps).  But I digress = it was a nice walk, and here are the pictures.

Looking at one of Cincinnati's skyscrapers.

Great American Ball Park at the end of the street (where I would see a game that night).

Fountains near the bridge.

Notice Christopher's outstretched arms.  He loves to splash, but we couldn't let him get his way this time.

Time to hit the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge.

My in-laws with Christopher.

We were hoping the binky didn't fall into the Ohio.

This was once the longest suspension bridge in the world, believe it or not.

Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL.

I believe this was Newport, KY (separated from Covington, KY by the small Licking River).

Very cool Reds appreciation.

Great American Ball Park, home to the Reds of the MLB.

Adults enjoyed this concrete playground.

There was a nice pedestrian walkway separated from the traffic of the bridge.

Kentucky (either Covington or Newport)

Newport, KY

Looking back at the Cincinnati waterfront.

Each tower of the bridge has the US flag and, depending on which side of the river the tower is closest to, the Ohio or Kentucky state flag.

My in-laws enjoyed the walk.

I was really looking forward to seeing the game that evening (vs. the Marlins, so not exactly a huge draw, but still).

The Kentucky tower of the bridge.


The ballpark and a skyscraper

This would have been nice to do.

Cincinnati was winning me over, so far.

Another look at Paul Brown Stadium.

Reds fandom - it's infectious (er, sorry about 2012... no, I'm not, actually).

Coming up = Cincinnati chili!

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