Monday, July 6, 2015

Father's Day Weekend, Day 1, Part 1 = Harland Sanders Museum (Corbin, KY) and Berea, Kentucky

For Father's Day Weekend, we decided to spend three days out of state, primarily in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky (which were only 90 minutes away from each other).  We left Chattanooga on Friday morning and headed into Kentucky via Knoxville.  On the way we passed through Corbin, home to Colonel Sanders' first restaurant.  We also passed through a historic town called Berea.  Here are the photos.

Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum, Corbin, KY, rebuilt to resemble where Col. Sanders got started. The original restaurant burned down in 1939, though it was rebuilt.  What got the Colonel seriously interested in franchising was the creation of Interstate 75, which bypassed his restaurant (as it still does today).

The KFC global empire all started here... weird.  However (fun fact for the day!), the first KFC franchise actually opened in Utah, of all places.

Christopher enjoyed seeing the museum.

Lots of memorabilia.

To the right is a modern KFC.  Nothing fancy about it (we didn't eat there).

Exhibits in the restaurant portion of the museum.

The modern KFC adjacent to the museum.

Entering Berea, KY, home to many arts and crafts.

It's also home to Berea College, to which I believe this building belongs.  Berea College was the only interracial and coeducational college in the South for 40 years (it was founded in 1855).

The Boone Tavern Hotel takes up a healthy chunk of "downtown."

The Judds (Wynonna, Naomi, Ashley) briefly lived in Berea.

Berea College

Next up = Cincinnati, OH

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