Friday, July 3, 2015

Bonnaroo Festival, Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 2 at Bonnaroo (well, OUR Day 2 though everyone else's Day 3) started off at 6:30am, when my tent became scorching hot from the sun that rose at 5:30am.  I actually don't believe I slept more than an hour because our campsite was located at the border of the regular campsites and the RV campsites, which meant that there were generators running all night just a few feet from my pillow.  Accordingly, we played it exceedingly mellow up until we entered Centeroo (which was many, many hours later).  Here are some campsite photos followed by Centeroo pics (most of which were taken using my telephoto lens, which Rob smuggled in for me).


I used my free Bonnaroo bandanna to do my best Axl Rose impersonation.  Actually, this really helped, despite being contrary to my tastes. 

Our makeshift shower area.  There WERE showers, but they were $10 a pop.  No thanks.

Rob came prepared with this solar shower.  It did the trick.

Groovy, baby...

The heat of the midday sun made this a popular place in Centeroo.

Rob is ready for action, though he was pretty wiped out from eating tainted cheese (long story).

Another way to keep cool.

Bonnaroo certainly felt like its own world, that's for sure.

The War on Drugs, playing the Which Stage.

The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs

Sweet, another Sharks fan!

Hozier, seen from a vast distance on the What Stage.

Totems are a Bonnaroo way of life, and this Larry David one (emblazoned with the Bonnaroo swirl) was probably my favorite of the entire festival.

Festival workers keep audience members cool as they wait (in this case, at the This Tent for Belle & Sebastian).

Belle & Sebastian (& Beach Ball)

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

See the difference in quality between these photos and Friday's?  Telephoto lens, for the win...

Totems and Jamie xx (at the The Other Tent)

Yes, that's an Aladdin totem.  My 2nd favorite of the festival.

Jamie xx

Jamie xx

It's hard to believe that there were only 100,000 people in attendance, because it felt like 1 million.

The Other Tent, post-Jamie xx

We would hit up the Super Store for merchandise on the final day, but not today.

The beer tent!  As cool as the beer tent was, I disapproved of their sale system (using tickets like you would for carnival rides, with each brewery charging a different number of tickets per beer).  Very tedious to have to go into the ticket line and then go to the beer line.  Simplify this next year, Bonnaroo.  We weren't fans, and I'm pretty sure we weren't alone.

My Morning Jacket, What Stage

My Morning Jacket

The famed Bonnaroo arch

"Oh yeah!" - Kool-Aid Man was in the house!

The most anticipated act of the day was easily Slayer.

I actually like thrash metal, but I can't commit to Slayer given their extremely overt anti-religious / blasphemous / arguably-Satanic attitudes.  However, I was more curious about their set than pretty much any other set that weekend.  I wasn't paying any extra, after all.

Kerry King is the man behind the guitar solos on the Beastie Boys' singles "No Sleep till Brooklyn" and "Fight For Your Right (to Party)."  Your fun fact of the day!

We actually stayed for the entirety of Slayer's set, mostly because no one else interesting was playing at the same time.

This was a dance area in between stage areas.  Wild times.

Tycho, in the That Tent


Saturday at Bonnaroo, in the books!

We were so tired that we opted not to attend the Superjam, despite knowing its reputation as a thing of beauty.  The announced lineup didn't really float our boat, but we were very depressed the next day to find out that both Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm crashed the party (at the beginning, no less!).  Curses I say, curses!

Coming up = the final day of Bonnaroo.

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