Monday, June 29, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 6, Part 1 = Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

After waking up in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday, June 10, we headed to the zoo.  Not just any zoo, however = Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is currently ranked as the #1 zoo in the world on TripAdvisor.  We spent several hours here, despite the 90-something degree weather.  Here are the photos.

The most striking structure at the zoo is the Desert Dome, as seen here from the parking lot.

Time to enter the dome...

Cape Thick-knee, from Africa

Rob found the...


Puff adder, from Africa; responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other snake.

Rough-scaled death adder, from Australia / Papua New Guinea

Brown tree snake, from Australia / Papua New Guinea / Indonesia

Brown tree snake

Inland taipan (the single most venomous land snake in the world, but very placid in disposition compared to its cousin, the coastal taipan, which is considered the second most dangerous snake in the world, after the black mamba), from Australia

King brown, from Australia

Centralian python, from Australia


Tawny frogmouth, from Oceania / Philippines

Turkey vulture

The very shy swift fox

The same (though a much cuter photo)

Arizona black rattlesnake

Mojave rattlesnake

We left the Desert Dome (yes, all of the above photos were in the dome) and saw the monkeys, including Bornean orangutans and Siamangs.

Agile Gibbon ("agile" is actually part of its name, but it's especially appropriate here), from Asia

Bornean orangutan, I believe...

West African crowned crane

Abyssinian ground hornbill

Gorilla time...

I apparently annoyed him.

He won the staring contest.

The gorilla was literally picking his butt and licking his fingers.

I didn't record what these were called, sorry...

Angolan colobus

Reminds me of The Thinker...

Kids enjoyed their proximity to the gorilla.

Dwarf mongoose

The astonishing rear end of the Sulawesi crested black macaque... the same type of animal involved in the fascinating case of monkey selfies.

Salvadori's weaver

Final look at the gorilla (with his admirers).

Time to check out the aviary.

Whoa there!

Bear time!

This American black bear summarizes how the bears were behaving on that scorching Omaha day.

The single coolest thing about the Henry Doorly Zoo is that they have prairie dogs on open lawns, i.e. not enclosed.  These guys would occasionally cross the paths in front of us, which was awesome.

There are drawbacks to such an arrangement, however.

A prairie dog next to the train tracks.

Watch out, little guy!  Incoming!

Prairie puppy!


This fellow was just sitting on the asphalt path.

Rob makes a friend (while the GoPro was recording!)

 White rhinos (extremely endangered - situation critical)

Due to the size of the zoo and the heat, we took a short cut back toward the entrance.

Many exhibits were under construction, to be opened later in the summer or the following year.

Ostrich, seen from the sky tram.

Giraffes seen from the tram.

 The butterfly exhibit, which allowed you to walk through a path with butterflies floating around you.  My wife and I did something like this in Bali on our honeymoon.

The zoo is so big that it has an aquarium inside of it!

Like the Georgia Aquarium, the zoo has a tunnel with sharks, etc. swimming overhead.

One last thing before leaving = the big cats.

Beautiful eyes... but I was thankful for the cage separating me from this African lion.

Snow leopard


Goodbye zoo... time to say hello to the rest of Omaha.

Part 2 of Day 6 coming soon, featuring Omaha, southeastern Iowa, St. Joseph, MO, and BBQ in KC.

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