Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 5, Part 3 (final) = Carhenge and the Nebraska Panhandle

After going to Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, we headed south into Nebraska to see Carhenge, and then we pressed on through the Sand Hills toward Omaha.  
 Looking back toward the Black Hills, a massive storm was engulfing the region.  Glad we left when we did.

 Nebraska = one of 3 states I had never been to (the others being Iowa, to be checked off shortly, and Alaska).

 About what I expected...

 Instead of taking the interstate, we took regional roads just north of the interstate, which took us through the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  Mildly interesting knowing that this hill is largely made of sand.

 Say what?

 That's right = Carhenge (outside of Alliance, NE) is a model of Stonehenge using old automobiles.

 It doesn't get much funkier than this.

 Oh wait, spoke too soon...

 Carhenge is free, though donations are requested.

 We pressed on to Omaha (yeah, looooong drive).


 Hmmm... where are the hookers?

 Seeing these was actually cause for excitement on the drive.

 That's right = western Nebraska is on Mountain Time.

 Tallest thing on the plains...

A final sand hill for the day before we got into Omaha, at midnight.

Coming up = Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo.

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