Friday, June 26, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 4, Part 2 = Bighorn Mountains and Devils Tower, WY

After seeing the Bighorn Canyon, it was time to start heading east toward South Dakota.  There were several options as far as a route was concerned, but we opted against the fastest route in favor of a more scenic option through the Bighorn Mountains.  Following that, we made tracks for Devils Tower.  Here's how the second part of the day went.

Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming in the near distance, outside of Lovell.

Apparently this highway through the Bighorn Mountains was the most expensive road ever built in the US.  At least that's what I read.

I inquired about the Medicine Wheel, but the path to it was covered in snow and snowshoes were required.  Oh well...

No snowshoes required on her part...

Our descent down from the Bighorn Mountains, toward Sheridan, if I'm not mistaken.

I had seen the Devils Tower in 2002, but only from a few miles away.  We aimed to get as close as possible in 2015.

First sighting...

This photo and the next 2 are close ups of the top of the tower.

Theories on the tower's formation.

I like this version much better.  ;-)

Prairie dogs!!! (still within the monument's boundaries)

Coming up = South Dakota.

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