Friday, June 26, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 4, Part 1 = Bighorn Canyon, WY/MT

Day 4 was another multi-part adventure, as we journeyed from Red Lodge, MT, to Custer, SD.  Here's Part 1, in which we left Red Lodge and went the relatively short distance (90 minute drive) to the Bighorn Canyon, which, like the Beartooth Highway, is on the border of Wyoming and Montana.

A wooden bear statue next to our hotel in Red Lodge, MT (looking down the road toward the Beartooth Highway).

Rock Creek, next to our hotel.

Where I come from, this wouldn't be called a "creek."

One way to leave town that isn't the Beartooth Highway.

We saw a historical marker, and decided to pull over.  Turns out that we had found the location of the Smith Mine Disaster, one of the worst mining tragedies in US history.

Still in Montana...

Welcome (back) to Wyoming.

For whatever reason, we found this rather large sign hilarious.

Lovell, WY, gateway to the Bighorn Canyon.

Approaching the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area from Lovell, WY.

Red soil was an unusual feature in one part of the recreation area, near the lake.

Heading north back toward the Montana line.


There are only about 200 wild mustangs in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, so we were thrilled to see 3 of them looking for water.

We re-entered Montana to see the main overlook of the Bighorn Canyon, which was very close to the Wyoming border.

One thing Rob and I have in common is our love of state signs.

The Bighorn Canyon, Montana

This wall here helps to create the perfect echo (complete with a dramatic 2 second delay).

Rob is a few feet from certain doom (looooong drop).

Every photo of the canyon before this one was taken from a non-fenced-in area.  This photo and the ones below were taken from the official fenced area.

The Bighorn Canyon was one of the most impressive things we saw on our road trip to Tennessee.

Coming up = the Bighorn Mountains and Devil's Tower, Wyoming.

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