Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 3, Part 3 (final) = The Beartooth Highway, WY/MT

The final part of the third day of our road trip from California to Tennessee involved taking what some have called the greatest drive in America = the Beartooth Highway, which starts in Cooke City, Montana, goes back through Wyoming, and ends again in Montana in a town called Red Lodge.  Rob considers this to be the highlight of the entire road trip; decide for yourself if it looks amazing or not.  Every photo was taken from on or right off of the highway.

Cooke City, Montana

Cooke City, Montana

The road starts off innocuously enough in Montana.

It's after it crosses into Wyoming that things start getting interesting.

BEAR HO!  We pulled into a vacant overlook (the "Pilot-Index Overlook") and lo and behold, this juvenile bear (grizzly?) was scampering out of our way and up the hillside.

Top of the World is what the highway feels like.

There was far more snow than the last time I was on the highway, in 2002.

Huge dropoffs in the foreground.

The winding road re-entered Montana in the east.

Looking down the way the highway would take us (arguably the craziest part of the highway, given how far down we went in such a short distance).

We got into Red Lodge right around 9pm and got burgers before retiring for the evening.

Coming up = Day 4, featuring the Bighorn River Canyon, Devil's Tower, and Deadwood, SD.

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