Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo, Day 1 = Bay Area, CA to Jackpot, NV

Schoooooool's... out... for... summer!  My brother-in-law Rob and I just completed a week-long road trip to Tennessee to see 1) his parents / my in-laws, and 2) the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.  Here's the first day of our adventure.

Rob's Honda Element was our boat for our voyage across the ocean that is the midwest.

First stop after making it out of Bay Area Friday traffic = Knee Deep Brewing Co., in Auburn, CA.

Notice the deranged anthropomorphic hop in the center of this image.  A mascot of sorts.

Knee Deep

Knee Deep

Quite the array of beers.

I've had Knee Deep's offerings on numerous occasions - good stuff!  I was long overdue to get it at the source.

My favorite of these was the Summer Saison, followed by Hop Deranged.

Wait, beer makes you fat???  Dangit.

The drive through the Sierras en route to Truckee, CA.

Burger Me, in Truckee, CA.

I had been wanting to eat here for many years... sounds ridiculous, I know.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives made this place semi-famous.

The Train Wreck, complete with a fried egg.

Next stop = Fifty Fifty Brewing, down the street in Truckee.

The bar at Fifty Fifty.

Fifty Fifty's most beloved offering is their Eclipse Imperial Stout.  There are numerous variations of the Eclipse, with some aged in whiskey barrels and others in rum barrels, for example.  This was their Coconut Eclipse, which was outstanding.

Rob approved.

Downtown Truckee

Downtown Truckee

Goodbye California!  Helloooooooo Silver State!

Approaching Reno, NV.

Reno, NV

We had Picon Punch and $16 shots of 15-year old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon at Louis' Basque Corner.  Can't beat that price anywhere.  More interestingly, we talked to a local Basque-American about the rich Basque heritage in northern Nevada and Idaho.

There was a biker festival going on while we were in Reno.

I put a buck into a slot machine at the Silver Legacy, won $10, and called it a night.  Woo!

The iconic Reno Arch on Virginia Street.

Passing through the Eldorado en route to the Silver Legacy (to win that aforementioned $10).

Inside the Silver Legacy.

My winning slot machine.

Leaving Reno in the black - a very important thing.

Reno's version of the EPCOT Center.

A very interesting bus depot in Reno.

We snuck in through the back entrance of the Reno Aces' ballpark to catch a minute of the game.  Gorgeous ballpark.  Thanks to the security guard for not pressing charges when we were discovered.

Somewhere off of I-80 in Nevada, after I switched from being the driver to becoming a passenger.

Spooky moon... 

Rob drove the rest of the night to Jackpot, Nevada, on the border with Idaho (and one of the rare Nevada towns that observes Mountain Time).  Because Reno was so good to us ($16 Pappy, $10 winnings, etc.), our arrival would be better termed "early in the morning" than "late at night."  Ah well.

Coming up = Day 2, featuring Idaho and Wyoming.

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