Friday, January 2, 2015

St. Kitts, Day 3

The morning of Day 3 in St. Kitts, I went scuba diving off the coast through Dive St. Kitts.  After getting back, my wife and I went to South Friar's Bay for lunch at Jam Rock, a locally renowned Jamaican restaurant.  The views to the rest of the southeastern peninsula and Nevis were incredible.

The view from our table at Jam Rock.  Nevis in the distance, southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts before that.

Carib lager is the local beer.

Suz enjoyed her variation of a pina colada with blue curacao.

Suz's grouper was delicious.

My jerk pork was SPICY but really good.

We started walking down to the other end of South Friar's.

We thought it was cool that the girls got their dog out here.

Shipwreck Bar is on the other end of South Friar's.

Not a bad location whatsoever.

Lots of tourists at Shipwreck, including us.

This reggae band was very talented.

Green velvet monkeys on the premises.

Back at Timothy Beach Resort, we noticed this banana tree (really a plant, not a tree).

Dinner buffet at the hotel.

West Indies fare - delicious.

Steel drummers, doing Christmas carols and Bob Marley.

Another day in paradise.

Coming up - a full island tour of St. Kitts.  Stay tuned.

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