Thursday, January 1, 2015

St. Kitts, Day 2

Day 2 in St. Kitts was an adventurous day, beginning with the St. Kitts Scenic Railway and continuing with a minor trek to the southeastern peninsula of the island, which contains jaw-dropping vistas.  

A green velvet monkey, right outside our hotel room door.  The monkeys outnumber people on the islands.

The view from our hotel.

I had to try the national dish of St. Kitts at least once - stewed saltfish.  Really delicious.

Our companion for breakfast.

The Sunset Cafe is associated with the hotel, but open to all.

The St. Kitts Scenic Railway, in existence for almost 90 years (though not that long as a tourist operation).

Our fellow early arrivals for the train.

Uh oh... the cruise ship passengers cometh.

It was really fun traveling to the Caribbean with my wife.

View over to Nevis, from the train ride (on the Atlantic side of the island).

Drinks, anyone?

Well, DUH, when it's all-you-can-drink (we had rum punch).

This gentleman was interesting to talk to - he seemed to love his job immensely.

Notice the bridge that we would cross over at the bottom.

These ruins were involved with the sugar cane / rum industry.

Local children would wave at us as we passed by.

Look closely - that's St. Barths in the distance.

They served delicious sugar cakes on the train.

Gospel choir - really nice songs.

Remnants of a volcanic eruption (the volcano being Mt. Liamuiga, the tallest point in the country).

An Anglican church, I believe.

Look at the top of this photo for another glimpse of St. Barths.  We could also see St. Martin to the left, but it was a little too far to get a photo.  The peaks of St. Barths were much more intriguing, anyway.

Sint Eustatius, with Saba sticking up in the middle background.  Both belong to the Netherlands (and no, there's no ferry to either from St. Kitts, I checked).

More ruins with The Quill of Sint Eustatius in the background.

Saba in the distance.

Sint Eustatius

Nevis in the distance, seen from the bus ride back from the train stop on the northern end of the island.

Nevis (southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts in the foreground).

Brown pelicans, the national bird.

We took a cab ride over to the southeastern peninsula for lunch.  En route, our driver stopped at Timothy Hill (not even 5 minutes from our hotel) for the popular vista lookout.  The Marriott resort is visible on the Atlantic side.

On the other end of the same viewpoint is the quintessential St. Kitts view = both the Atlantic coast (on left) and the Caribbean coast in one picture.  Nevis is off in the distance.

Seriously, I couldn't get enough of this view.

Further down the road, we stopped to look back at the bulk of St. Kitts.

Our lunch destination - Spice Mill.

Spice Mill has an open restaurant with a beach component.  The views to Nevis are ridiculous.

Tacos and pina coladas - not a bad lunch.  The prices reflected the million dollar views.

After lunch we walked east, down the beach (Cockleshell Bay).

At the eastern end of the beach is a section called Reggae Beach.

It's home to the Reggae Beach Bar, where we ate the previous night.

Another green velvet monkey.

Although we ate at Spice Mill, we had to try conch fritters.  Reggae's are really good.

Reggae Beach

Back at Timothy Beach Resort in South Frigate Bay.

A rock formation next to our hotel.

South Frigate Bay

A wonderful full day in St. Kitts.

The next day I went scuba diving, before my wife and I went to South Friar's Bay (just south of our hotel).  Stay tuned.

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