Thursday, January 8, 2015

Miami, New Year's Eve 2014

If you can't have a pretty short layover, then it's nice to have a pretty long one so you can get out of the confines of the airport.  On our way back to my in-laws' house from St. Kitts, my wife and I had a long layover in Miami, made even longer by the fact that our flight got in early.  I was originally thinking of taking my wife, who had never been to Miami, to Little Havana for food and politics, but I decided that it had to be South Beach.  Here's our afternoon in Miami Beach.

We were hungry, so we went to Joe's Stone Crab.  Seven of these bad boys will set you back $30, so be prepared.  The taste is worth it, however.

Stormy skies above Miami.

South Beach

I wanted to take my wife down the stretch of sand, but it was so bright that she felt blinded by the white sand... so we went inland slightly.

Notice that she's still squinting.

Ocean Drive, the main drag in Miami Beach.

Ocean Drive

Pre-New Year's festivities, featuring scantily clad ladies.

Ooo la la...

Notice the whistle in her mouth.

It was a free day for the Art Deco Welcome Center, on Ocean Drive, so we popped in for a few minutes.

We had to know exactly what Art Deco is.

The second paragraph sums it up nicely.

Versace's mansion, Ocean Drive.

Example of Art Deco, either Ocean Court or Collins Avenue.

Coming up - the Georgia Aquarium, followed by 24 hours in the Carolinas.  Stay tuned.

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