Monday, January 6, 2014

Photo Flip Book (Golden State Warriors @ Atlanta Hawks, January 3, 2014)

 I just got back from a Christmas vacation in Tennessee.  Last Friday I drove down from Chattanooga to Atlanta to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Atlanta Hawks at the Philips Arena.  The last time I was in this building, Atlanta still had a hockey team.  The Warriors had played the previous night against LeBron James' Miami Heat, and their victory there was their 7th straight.  Could the Warriors extend the streak?  Here's the final play of the game, starting with 3.2 seconds left on the clock.

Situation = Critical

Two rows in front of me, this little road Warrior was fired up during the final timeout.

Game on = Andre Iguodala (#9 in blue on the far right) inbounds the ball to Stephen Curry, who is covered by Shelvin Mack (#8 in white, second Hawk from right) and about to be encroached upon by 6'11'' Macedonian center Pero Antic (#6, right).  Note the time on the far basket.

Tenths of seconds ticking away as Mack presses into Curry.

Curry's a gamer, however.

Here comes Antic to put the squeeze on.

Why look at that, Iguodala's open!

This is slightly blurry, but Curry bounce passes the ball to Iguodala.  Again, note the time.

I LOVE the look on Mack and Antic's faces as Iguodala grabs the ball.

Mack just stands by, helpless, as Iguodala readies himself for glory.  Meanwhile, Klay Thompson (#11 in blue) stands by, in awe.

Cue the Chariots of Fire theme song... (that's Jeff Teague trying in vain to stop the magic).  Note that the ball is still technically in Iguodala's hands at 0.8 seconds.

Note the crowd as Iguodala goes for broke.


Going... (time completely expired, by the way)

GONE!  (give you one guess why it's blurry - note the outline of the ball as it exits the net, and notice Harrison Barnes' upraised arms)

The arena was amazingly silent, other than the considerable Golden State crowd.  Notice the exiting / celebrating Warriors players to the right of the fan's right index finger.

Final score = Warriors 101, Hawks 100.

The Warriors had a very rough second half, but they came through just when the situation looked most dire.  Nice way to get their 8th straight victory (which would be augmented a couple of nights later in Washington).

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