Monday, January 13, 2014

Loma Prieta Winery, Santa Cruz County

Last month, my extended family and I went to a winery named after a mountain most associated with an earthquake 25 years ago - Loma Prieta.  Here are some photos.

Grape-growing season it most definitely was not, like that was going to stop us.

Loma Prieta, in the near distance.  The winery is on the Santa Cruz County side of the ridge.

I assume that this is the winery owner's house, next door to the winery.

The side of the winery

My camera doesn't do it justice, but the views over to Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay are pretty spectacular, not to mention unusual (this is a fairly rare vista point).

My wife takes the baby inside the tasting room.

Grandparents, godparent, wife, baby, and parents - like a mini-family reunion.

Dad goes straight to the booze, however.

Plenty of goodies for visitors

Their tasting menu features several medal winning wines, including their staple, pinotage.

Hey, she can drink again post-pregnancy!

This guy was hilarious - "Keep your damn hands off the glass as I pour!"  I assure you he was smiling while admonishing.  He didn't say this to me, by the way.

Another happy wife shot.

Niners were playing the Seahawks later that day, so Christopher had his football binky in.  Niners won, by the way.

What on earth is a Safe House poster doing inside?

A ha...

Many awards adorn the hallway.

Back outside to soak up the view.

Can't be half bad living up here.

The man standing is the owner.

Nice seating area outside.

The winery's namesake in the background.

More awards...

Hahaha - their stuffed deer is called "Deerly Departed."

Another happy wife shot.

My grandfather with his sister, my godmother (who flew down from Seattle for the weekend, and not for the football game).  

Coming up next - more excursions from the past month.  Stay tuned.

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