Friday, January 17, 2014

Hachi Ju Hachi, Saratoga, CA

I recently celebrated a birthday, so my buddy Nathan and I went out to get dinner at Hachi Ju Hachi.  The wife and kid were still in Tennessee, so that's why you won't see them below.  And yes, I take pictures of food - deal with it.  :-)

Hachi Ju Hachi is one of the South Bay's few Michelin-recognized restaurants.  While they don't have a star, they do have a "Bib Gourmand," which acknowledges good food at a reasonable price.  Not reasonable like Denny's, but reasonable compared to French Laundry.

The walls are decorated with notes and drawings from customers, like this one above our table.

People definitely like the food here.

Happy birthday to me...

Suzuki-san at work in the kitchen.

I don't remember the exact name, but this was pork belly.  One of the highlights of the evening.

Kamo sakamushi ni, or duckling in soy and rice-wine.  Not for all tastes, but definitely decent.

A special of the night - octopus with (I believe) daikon pickles.

This is maguro okura yamakake, or tuna and okra with grated mountain yam.  Quite good.

Flounder nigiri, a special of the night.

This block was made from freshwater eel and tofu.  Not bad.

Suzuki-san makes such delicious food that his patrons paint his likeness.

Verdict = definitely coming back, with the intention of doing omakase.

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