Friday, November 29, 2013

Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, CA

The day before my buddy Markos' wedding, my brother-in-law and I hung out in Southern California, stopping first in Escondido at Stone Brewing Co., before continuing on to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, an Angels baseball game, and finally The Bruery in Placentia.  Not a bad Saturday whatsoever.

My brother-in-law soldiers onward to Stone through the, uh, stones.

Idyllic walkway.

Welcome to Stone.

Why yes, there's a huge stone in the lobby.

The restaurant / taproom is less primitive, however.

We were immediately seated upstairs.

Last time I was here (in 2011), I was seated outside past those pillars in this photo.

Sleek menus featuring the brewing company's gargoyle mascot.

First beer = a brewery-only cask offering of Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale with Indian sarsaparilla & bitter orange peel.  Amazingly good.

A partial look at their beer menu.

Lunch wasn't bad either.

This was the "Call It What You Want" wheat ale, weighing in at nearly 10% ABV.

I think I ordered a third beer (which I normally wouldn't do) - the "Enjoy by [date]" IPA.  I know I had a sample of it, at least - this might just be the remnants of the wheat ale.  In unrelated news, alcohol negatively impacts one's memory.

Coming up = Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, in Oceanside.  Stay tuned.

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