Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saratoga Russian Festival 2013

Yesterday a bunch of friends and I went to the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Saratoga's Russian Festival.  It's going on today, as well, so I encourage South Bay types to go check it out ($3 entry fee).  Here's what we did.

My friend Chris enjoys a Baltika #3 (Russia's best known beer, from St. Petersburg).

It wouldn't be a Russian Festival without matryoshka dolls for sale.

Handicrafts for sale.

My friend Valeriya hosts the Russian Folktale Puppet Theater, which presented three different tales.

The first involved a goldfish (not pictured).

My wife and son.

My son's Boris Yeltsin impersonation (beverage not pictured).

Valeriya's husband Zach introduces the second tale, involving a wolf and goat.

The third and final tale is about the patron saint of Russia, St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Valeriya and Zach.

My wife's maid of honor Megan was also one of the performers.

What's a Russian festival without vodka?  Not much of a festival.  Fortunately, the Saratoga festival knows how to please.

This father and son combo infused vodkas with interesting fruits and honey.

The kumquat vodka alone is worth the visit.

The festival starts at noon today and goes until 6pm... if you miss it, there's always next year!  Za zdroviye! [Cheers!]

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