Wednesday, July 31, 2013

San Pedro, Los Angeles

After visiting the Watts Towers, my brother-in-law and I continued south to San Pedro, the port area of Los Angeles.  Here, we'd see the Korean Bell of Friendship as well as the exterior of Point Fermin Light.  Here are the pics:

San Pedro has always been a working-class, harbor neighborhood, and this house across from the Korean Bell reflects both qualities.

The Korean Bell of Friendship is set in Angel's Gate Park, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It was a very nice Friday in San Pedro, and many other tourists were here (the parking lot was entirely full).

The bell was given by the South Korean government on the occasion of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976.

A very unusual totem...

Enjoy the rest of these Korean Bell photos...

I admired the forethought of this trio of ladies, who couldn't have picked a better spot for a picnic.

Paparazzi alert!  Kristen Stewart's new film Camp X-Ray was being filmed at the barracks behind the Korean Bell.

We didn't spot Stewart or anyone else, though we did linger for a few minutes just to see if the paparazzi would have a field day.

Time to leave the Korean Bell, and head downhill to...

Point Fermin Park, home of the Point Fermin Light.

That's the Light, behind the tree.

Nice cliffs.

Cool cement artwork.

Point Fermin Light, built in 1874 (refurbished for its 100th anniversary in 1974).

Right after Pearl Harbor, the light was extinguished so Japanese / enemy planes wouldn't have a beacon to attack.

Police helicopter...

Cool sky!

Port of Los Angeles

Kinda moody looking out to sea...

Time to leave San Pedro and head back to Glendale, to get ready for a wedding rehearsal in Pasadena.  Stay tuned.

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