Tuesday, June 25, 2013

University of Oregon and Northwest Christian University - Home of Animal House (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

After Sunday brunch, my godfather took us to his work = Northwest Christian University, literally across the street from the much more famous University of Oregon.  Both campuses were filming locations for the now-classic comedy Animal House.  Here are the pictures (with a separate post on the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art forthcoming).

My godfather works at the Teaching and Learning Center at Northwest Christian University.  The exterior of the building was the "Tri Pi" sorority house in Animal House.

"Step into my office..."

While the exterior was used to represent the sorority, the interior was used as the set of Delta House, the crazed fraternity that featured John Belushi and gang.  This staircase is THE staircase where Belushi smashed  Stephen Bishop's guitar.

I don't recall being so enraptured with a simple, nondescript staircase before in my entire life.

This wasn't featured in the movie, but I thought it was pretty cool that there was a river right out back.

My godfather thinks I take too many pictures - and he taught photography for years.

This building exterior, two doors down from the Tri Pi house, was used to film the scene where Bluto (John Belushi) peeked in on the girls while they were changing.  

Time to walk down from NCU all the way to the U of O.

Goodbye NCU...

...Hello, U of O - all of 100 yards away.

Apparently this proud Ducks supporter is a well-known local.

A more upper-crust Ducks supporter (note the "O").

All of the photos below feature parts of the University of Oregon.  There's got to be other Animal House buildings, but I don't know the specifics other than what I already posted above.

Coming up next = the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, on the campus of U of O, followed by Ninkasi Brewery and a "barcade."  Stay tuned.

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