Thursday, June 20, 2013

Secret Chiefs 3 @ Cafe du Nord, SF (May 10, 2013)

The last concert that my wife and I attended was that of my acquaintance Trey Spruance's band, Secret Chiefs 3, about a month ago.  I've been to over 300 concerts, and I've known Trey for a few years now since he became baptized as an Orthodox Christian at my church, but I had yet to see him perform.  It was time to rectify that - and I'm glad I did.  He's a virtuoso musician (to say nothing of his bandmates), so these photos won't do him the justice he deserves; nevertheless, here they are:

Cafe du Nord, on Market Street in San Francisco; while not my personal favorite venue in The City, it was the location for some of my top ten shows of all time (namely Patrick Wolf).

Trey and co. setting up.

I think this photo captures Trey's aura = calm, alert, masterful, and grooving.

The Secret Chiefs 3 played two sets, with the latter set being devoted to more eastern Mediterranean sounds.  As this photo shows, I had to relocate to the back, because my poor pregnant wife (who requested to come to the show, for the record) was getting tired.  We stayed for about 4 songs of the second set before saying "adieu" to a great instrumental band.

Before the baby is born, I'm going to try and put up quick blog posts on what I've been up to (other than teaching) the last few months.  More on the way soon.

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