Monday, June 24, 2013

Redwood National Park, Part 3 - Elk, Big Tree, and Klamath River Overlook (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

We had such grandiose plans for Saturday, beyond Redwood National Park.  I had a detailed itinerary of the Oregon Coast just beckoning to be checked off... but Redwood NP was too alluring.  Here's the last part of our time in the northernmost national park in California, before we skipped the coast and went straight inland to I-5 in Oregon.

After leaving the 8-mile Fern Canyon dirt road, we emerged onto a paved road and promptly saw elk.  Score!

We were already in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park earlier, but the boundaries between the three state parks and the national park are a bit free-flowing.  It's all good stuff, I assure you.

More elk!

These ones had antlers.

We wanted to see the "Big Tree," which was a very short walk (barely a trail).

This is the bulk of the walk (I'm serious).

Nevertheless, it had interesting foliage.

Suz thought these were awesome looking (and she knew the name, though I've forgotten), so I took a picture.

The Big Tree, in all its glory.  Size apparently does matter.

Suz was happy with our day so far.

304 feet tall, 21.6 feet in diameter, 68 feet in circumference, and an estimated age of 1,500 years.  Pretty remarkable that this tree was already about 250 years old when Charlemagne was born.

Onward through a scenic bypass, headed north.

As mentioned earlier, the Yurok Reservation is adjacent to the national and state parks.

Redwood National Park is split by the county line separating Del Norte (the northernmost coastal county in CA) and Humboldt Counties.

Last stop in Redwood National Park = the highly recommended Klamath River Overlook.

The Klamath River is associated largely with Oregon, where it originates (not far from the Oregon city of Klamath Falls), but most of its course goes through California before emptying into the Pacific right here.

The overlook is simply stunning, especially on a clear and gorgeous day like this one.

I packed binoculars for a reason.

We were quite happy with ourselves for not skipping the overlook (which was a temptation, given that we were running way behind schedule).

Once we got to Crescent City (the last major coastal town before the Oregon state line), we headed inland via CA HWY 199, which ran for 80 miles before dumping us off on Interstate 5 in Grants Pass.  This photo is of the state line, obviously.  We made it to Eugene just before 9pm... not too bad considering our action-packed day.  

Coming up next = Eugene, Oregon, home of my godfather, Ninkasi Brewery, and Animal House.  All three will be featured shortly.  Stay tuned.

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