Monday, June 24, 2013

Redwood National Park, Part 2 - Fern Canyon (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

After visiting Lady Bird Johnson Grove, we drove the 8 mile dirt road down to Fern Canyon.  The road was miserable, but it was absolutely worth it to get to Fern Canyon.  Technically, Fern Canyon is inside of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, but it's adjacent to (and run by) Redwood National Park.  Enough with the details - here are the pics.

Gold Bluffs Beach, next to the trail to Fern Canyon.

This photo was taken out of the driver's side window of our car... meaning, yes, we were "fording" this creek by car.  Be prepared to do the same if you come to Fern Canyon.

DO NOT BELIEVE THIS SIGN.  It's probably closer to a half mile, give or take.

All the info that's fit to print.

This was an immensely popular trail (note - the parking lot fills up quickly; we had to make our own semi-illegal spot).

Come prepared to get a little wet - this was just the beginning.

Notice the watery walkway.

Yes, I was alternating between color formats on my camera.  I like this mode the best.

Seeing Suzanne, eight months pregnant, balancing on this log according to my detailed directions was one of the highlights of the past year.

The start of Fern Canyon - but not even close to the coolest part yet.

These guys were actually leaving the canyon.

Suz got to see the canyon first, because I was fiddling with my camera too much.

Suz gazes up at the canyon walls.

We're still not yet to the cool part.

Be prepared to go around or under fallen trees.

"C'mon, slowpoke!"

Now it's starting to get "ferny."

Suz stopped here, because she can see the coolest part (which I still couldn't see - I had to cross more logs first).

I thought this section was the coolest part = narrow, completely lined with ferns, and (impossible to see in this photo) containing small waterfalls (hence the water).

This was the best I could pick up of the small waterfalls.

Guys, take note = this is a good place to bring a chick.

But beware the potholes = the one at the bottom of this picture is probably over six inches deep.

Coming up = elk, and the Klamath River Overlook.  Stay tuned.

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