Sunday, June 23, 2013

Redwood National Park, Part 1 - Lady Bird Johnson Grove (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

After leaving Eureka, we headed north on Highway 101 to Redwood National Park, home to some of the tallest trees on Earth.  We stopped first at the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center before walking the Lady Bird Johnson Trail to the eponymous grove.  Here are the pictures of the first part of our visit to California's northernmost national park.

The Kuchel Visitor Center is conveniently accessed on Highway 101.  Stop here for a map (a VERY good idea if you're not familiar with the park).

The Pacific Ocean, seen from the visitor center.

Dramatic hills and bluffs adjacent to the water.

Suz was already liking the scenery (it was her first time here).

Birds made their home under the roof of the visitor center.

I teach my students about the Yurok Tribe, the largest tribe (population-wise) in California.  Their reservation is adjacent to Redwood National Park.

The Yurok were (are?) famous for making canoes from the abundant redwood trees.

We continued up the highway to Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

One of these days I'll have to hike the Tall Trees Trail.  Only 50 permits are given out per day, however.

The start of the Lady Bird Johnson Loop Trail.

Very easy walk, by the way.

These millipede-like bugs were everywhere; I squished a few while trying to avoid stepping on their colleagues.  Bug murderer, that's me.  :-(

My pregnant wife was happy to be able to exercise and stretch her legs.  She was faster than me (mostly because I was being a shutterbug).

The blue speck is a person.

I actually prefer the ferns in Redwood National Park to the redwoods themselves (probably because I'm spoiled by having redwoods so close to my home, in nearby Santa Cruz County).

Huzzah!  We made it to the dedication grove.

Lady Bird Johnson lived to be 94 years old; this grove was dedicated less than 4 years before her husband, LBJ, died.

I suppose there isn't anything tremendously special about the grove compared to other parts of the trail, but it's still pleasant and peaceful enough.

Back we go to the parking lot...

"What are YOU looking at, camera boy?"

The strong light made me regret asking Suz to climb down here for a photo.

The shell of this particular snail was even more awesome than this photo suggests.

Trees, trees, and more trees... but that's not all Redwood National Park has to offer.  Coming up next = Fern Canyon, deeper into the park.  Stay tuned.

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