Friday, June 14, 2013

Miami Beach

On the way home from Bogota, I had another lengthy layover in Miami.  Last time I went to Villa Vizcaya, so this time I went to Miami Beach, where I hadn't been in nearly 5 years.  Here are the pics.

If you're in Miami outside of the summer months, make sure to go to Joe's Stone Crab.  The main restaurant is very ritzy, but they have a take-away shop for the not-so-rich (like me).  

Three to four dollars a claw isn't cheap eating, but when you taste them, you'll know why you spent the money (especially when you use the dipping sauce seen here).

Key lime pie - maybe the best thing to come out of Florida other than my dad.  ;-)

I stumbled upon a parking lot accident in South Beach.  The guy in orange was extremely belligerent (and at fault, from what it appeared).

Versace's mansion

Art Deco Welcome Center (unfortunately closed when I arrived)

That's it for my last "major" trip of the year thus far.  Stay tuned for an important announcement, plus photos from "minor" trips this year.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see just about every body type on those beaches. I thought it would be otherwise...and what is the announcement?? Waiting...-Catherine