Friday, June 21, 2013

Eureka and the Samoa Cookhouse, Memorial Day Weekend 2013

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we woke up in Eureka, 320 miles to the north of where we live.  We needed breakfast, which meant one place: the Samoa Cookhouse, across the harbor from Eureka in the town of (surprise!) Samoa.  After breakfast, we briefly explored Eureka before heading north to Redwood National Park.  Here are the photos.

The Samoa Cookhouse is the last operating lumber camp-style cookhouse in North America.

I had been once before, for dinner, but my wife hadn't been before.  This is her pre-coffee face.

Let's see, what's on the menu....

This is my wife's "I'm about to get coffee, even if it's decaf because I'm pregnant" face.

The French toast was awesome.  Even better - endless orange juice.

This side of the cookhouse wasn't too full, although the other half was.

Our waitress offered up a baby name.  In case we decided to go with it, I took a photo of her and my wife.

Opposite the restaurant, there's a small museum of antiques related to the lumber industry (and the cookhouse).

Still going strong after 120 years!

Time to head back to Eureka proper.

Eureka is famous for its Victorian houses and mansions.  Here's one example.

But here's the foremost example: the Ingomar Club, which isn't open to the public.  Freemasons only, from what the insignia seemed to suggest.

Downtown Eureka was only minutes away, so we walked about a bit.

Eureka Books is considered a "destination" bookstore, so we checked it out.

Eureka's downtown doesn't feel very Californian... not that that's a bad thing.

The mighty Zoltar will astound you with nostalgia for the movie "Big."

The interior of Eureka Books.

In the words of Mr. Mackey, "Mari-juh-wanna is bad, mmm-kay?"  But hey, it IS Humboldt County, after all...

Time to bid adieu to Eureka and head north to Redwood National Park.  Stay tuned.

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