Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eugene, Oregon - Fun with Camera Settings (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

After heading northeast from Redwood National Park into Oregon, we made it to Eugene (home of the University of Oregon) just before 9pm.  The next morning, Sunday, we went to church and had a nice brunch before heading out into town.  I also discovered how to manipulate the settings on my new camera; the results are below.  

We went to church at St. George's Greek Orthodox Church, where we had been once before in 2011.

Back at my godfather's house on the outskirts of Eugene, I had fun with my camera's settings.  Here, only blue elements are highlighted while everything else is B&W.

A similar idea here...

...and here.

This is the "retro" color setting, with their house to the side.

They raise chickens on the property.  No funny camera settings - just a photo of one chicken that's not theirs that likes to come by and visit the others.

The following images were taken using a "posterization" effect.  Kinda cool.  I would get better photos using this effect later in the day.

Coming up = the University of Oregon and Northwest Christian University, setting for Animal House.  Stay tuned.

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