Friday, June 28, 2013

Eugene, OR and King Estate Winery (Memorial Day Weekend 2013)

After a day out in Eugene, it was time to head back to my godfather's house to eat dinner and listen to the San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings game (Game 6) on the radio.  The next day we had to drive home to the Bay Area, but not before stopping by King Estate Winery.  Here are the last of the Memorial Day Weekend photos.

My godfather's sons, Timothy and Stephen, are ardent Sharks fans (everyone in the family is a transplanted Californian).

My godfather's wife, Ann-Marie, preparing dinner.

My pregnant wife takes a break from all the walking.

Emily, the oldest of her siblings.

R2D2, in Lego form.

R2 with its designer, Kevin.

More fun with camera effects, part 1.

More fun with camera effects, part 2 (my godfather Brian).

More fun with camera effects, part 3.

It rained a good part of the weekend, and Memorial Day itself was no exception.  The GPS took us on a windy route out of town, which was annoying until we stumbled upon King Estate Winery.

My godfather had recommended the place, so we were happy to investigate.  

There was a pretty large Memorial Day crowd.

See what I mean?  Side note - my drinking neighbor at the bar was the woman in the denim jacket towards the left.  Her grandson is the brew master at Hop Valley Brewery in Eugene, who's won a ton of awards.  I had a few bottles of Hop Valley while in Eugene, and they were even better than Ninkasi.  

Oh, and King Estate's wine was indeed very good.  I preferred their white to the red, but that's just me.

All good things must end - that's the conclusion of our Oregon / Northern CA weekend.  

Coming up next - odds and ends from earlier this year, or the baby.  Whichever comes first...

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