Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bogota, Colombia (Day 2 Part 2)

Day 2 in Bogota featured me sleeping in considerably.  Once I awoke, I took my good camera into town to set some photos of Plaza de Bolivar and other sights, including the Museo Botero (which I previously blogged about).  Here are the pics of everything other than the museum.

Looking back uphill after walking down from my hotel.

Templo la Candelaria

Primary Cathedral

Capilla del Sagrario

Capilla del Sagrario

Palacio de Justicia

Capitolio Nacional

Colegio Mayor

Capilla del Sagrario

One of the green men (statues) hanging around town.

The same green man, from afar.

Plaza de Bolivar (seen from my wide-angle lens)

Graffiti-spoiled statue of Simon Bolivar with Capitolio Nacional in background.

Primary Cathedral and Plaza de Bolivar

A split second later and this shot of a pigeon may have been a tad more striking.

Primary Cathedral

Primary Cathedral

Primary Cathedral

Primary Cathedral

Colegio Mayor

Colegio Mayor

All of the photos beneath this one are from my other camera, which wasn't nearly as nice.

Plaza de Bolivar

Walking toward the National Police Museum.

The National Police Museum was closed.  A shame, because I was told their exhibits were really fascinating (if gory).  

I probably shouldn't have taken this photo, but no harm, no foul.

Time for a tamale back at La Puerta Falsa.

Protesters were at Plaza de Bolivar.

Protests in front of the Primary Cathedral.

Without looking up the translation, I spot the words "water," "town," and, obviously, "corruption."  I got the gist.  

I think I got the basic meaning of this graffiti in Plaza de Bolivar, as well (Capilla del Sagrario in background).

I went this way to walk around to the other side of Casa de Narino, because I was told there would be the changing of the guard.

This turned out not to be the case, and I got yelled at for taking pictures shortly after taking this photo.

Basically, you're not supposed to photograph anything government or military related. 


Time to head back to my hotel.

Another one of the green men.

This one was at Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo, near my hotel.

After seeing more of the city, it was time to take a cab to Chang's.  He's possibly the world's biggest Jean Claude Van Damme fan, so my college buddies will probably find this photo hilarious, while the rest of you just shrug.  ;-)

Chang is a character, that's for certain.

Time for dinner, so we made our way toward Usaquen.  This particular restaurant was a little bit before that, however.

Here's the restaurant, which was just about to close for the night.

Good thing we caught it while it was open.  This is calentado, which literally means "heated" (and roughly translates to "leftovers").  It's got everything but the kitchen sink, and it's really tasty.

After dinner, we went to Usaquen, which was amazingly quiet (it was Wednesday if I'm not mistaken).

Chang... and a Subway (eat fresh).


We had some drinks at the Balsamico Cafe in Usaquen.  

Good band... but since it was fairly dead, we didn't party too much.  Ah well.

Day 3, coming up next.

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