Monday, April 8, 2013

Din Tai Fung, Beijing (Day 5 Part 2)

We just had to go out for dumplings in Beijing, so we picked the highly regarded Din Tai Fung, which originated in Taiwan.  Here's a brief look at a mildly interesting lunch experience.

Din Tai Fung was inside of a shopping mall, similarly to our Beijing Duck experience.  Many nice restaurants are located in such establishments, which generally is contrary to Western experience.

The dumpling makers were visible from the outside of the restaurant.  Transparency can be a virtue.

Suz and I were bewildered at the many options, but we settled on three types.

These miniature ones had pork, and oozed plenty of delectable juice.

These ones had mushrooms.  We also ordered a special crab one, but those didn't make it around for the photo session.   ;-)

Other clientele of the restaurant.

All buns were served in these wooden containers, which were steamed on a burner.

Coming up = the flag lowering ceremony at Tiananmen Square.

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