Saturday, April 6, 2013

798 Art District, Beijing (Day 5 Part 1)

 On Day 5, our final full day in Beijing, we went to the 798 Art District, north of the main sights of Beijing.  The area was previously factories built by the East Germans during the Cold War era, but now they are used as art galleries and art installation places.  Much of the art was political in nature, which was refreshing to see in a communist country.  It was an extremely rewarding trip, especially because I made what I feel to be an excellent art purchase (to be discussed another time).  Here are the photos of our trip to see the Soho of Beijing.

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We stopped for tea at the Cave Cafe, inside the 798 Art District.

The Cave Cafe has on its lobby wall a hand-written dedication by Lin Biao, Mao's chosen successor who died in a plane crash before he could take power.

More of Day 5 coming soon.

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