Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Great Wall of China (Badaling)

Day 2 of our tour of Beijing was primarily focused on the Great Wall of China, which really needs no introduction.  Once we got to the Badaling section (which is hyper touristy, and mostly rebuilt), we were given about 2 hours to explore.  My wife and I went up (and I mean UP) both directions from the base.  She's a trooper and I'm proud of her.  In the interest of letting a picture speak for itself, I'm only going to caption the photos when I think it's necessary.  Enjoy.

This photo and the next two were taken from the bus, before we got to Badaling.  The wall is gloriously ruined in sections, as is obvious in the third photo especially.

I never in my wildest imagination of corporate consumerism would have thought there was a Subway at the Great Wall.

Make no mistake, the wall is steep.

I hate graffiti in all its forms.  

Suz and I got finished (or rather, satisfied) with the most trafficked section, so we went up the other direction, which was refreshingly devoid of crowds.  This was probably because it gets steeper towards the end.

Suz didn't make it up here to see the view along the ridge, but at least she didn't have to deal with the pushy touts ("Hello, sir!  You want to buy [XYZ]?").

One last view from the bus ride back to Beijing.

Coming up next = the Temple of Heaven.  Stay tuned.

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